Vent -- husband really IS a difficult child!!!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Just had to vent a little here... husband has had a nasty cold for several days and has been taking an OTC cough/cold syrup for his symptoms. Well today he's really been acting agitated and says he's feeling out of sorts and dizzy and just not "right". I ask him what medications he's taking and he says just the cough syrup, and oh by the way, "I stopped taking my Paxil about four days ago because the cough syrup said not to take it with an M-I-A-O [MAOI] drug or something like that."

    Do you even KNOW what an MAOI IS? I ask. He just mumbles something and wanders into the next room. So I let him know the reason he's been feeling so strange is because he stopped the Paxil cold turkey. "But I took it today!" Yeah, well, too late now and you'll probably be feeling "off" the next few days until your body gets back on schedule" she says as she's

    mumbling to herself about how is it possible for someone to be

    so smart about what he does for a living :geek:

    and be so stupid about everything else... :rolleyes:
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    Don't you love it when the :geek: ones can be so :hammer: ?

    Hope he feels better soon and his system gets back on track. You might want to remind him that at the drugstore, there are these people called pharmicists. They actually know about different medications and drugs and can tell you if you can take your regular stuff with other stuff! LOL
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    Wow - I hope he stabilizes soon!