Vent, I am going crazy


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Between milfg (mother in law from god), difficult child, and easy child having a bad day, I am ready to go nuts. They have been at each other's throat's all day, and continued after I get home. mother in law won't speak to me, and I have no idea why. She leaves sept 1, and I cannot wait. This is nuts.

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Any possible way you could quietly slip away for a bit?? If it were me, I'd be making up errands and hiding at the park or something for a couple of hours for a much needed break.

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Please pray hard. Yesterday mother in law had a more severe meltdown than difficult child does. She is very passive agressive, and this irritates me to no end. I left the dinner table early due to her, and almost just went out for a drive, but just went and watched TV in our bedroom instead. Both kids went to bed early with me to give her a break. I cannot afford to find daycare while she is here, and that would cause all He** to break loose anyways, as she is here so she can see the kids, or torment them.



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voodoo dolls really....I didn't know that.

I am going to have to get me one of those!