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    i'm beyond annoyed.

    my #1 was in the hospital in another state for significant medical issues for the last two months and had some major surgeries (its been a nightmare-thankfully #2 was a gem--and miraculously made the connection that her issues are exacerbated by his stuff all on her own and dealt with it appropriately this time) but with the exception of one or two tweaks to his current stuff, its slowly getting back to normal around here. he got discharged last week and had a flurry of appts with one more big one tomorrow and another semi big one next week, so my plan was to send him back to school on thursday.

    i was under the impression i got the correct notes/orders/paperwork, perhaps because the school called me multiple times in the hospital to ensure i did. i completely understand why they might need new orders regarding the specific changes....

    except seemingly i have some special kind of school nurse who for some inexplicable reason, decided that every.single.order needs to be redone. things like standing orders for prn tylenol. or prn neb treatments. things that have NOTHING to do with the current changes--nor are the responsibility of the hospital or surgeon.

    and i just got all these orders in aug. it took an act of congress to get a pediatrician. appointment since several retired.

    i have never in my life heard of such a thing, i have zero plans to go to the pediatrician (we go there for strep, not for major organ reworks!), nor would i expect them to redo the hours they put into this back in august.

    i politely informed the school nurse not to expect him back til at least after the holidays as there was no way i could get that accomplished any time soon, nor is it remotely a priority....

    ok, not so politely.

    i am still seething over this whole thing so i had to vent somewhere. tomorrows appointment is a pretty important one, since for a variety of reasons, we were sort of discharged without much of a plan, except to say there WILL be another surgery scheduled for january, so there are a LOT of things to deal with in a "followup clinic appointment"....certainly not the time for rewriting my kids lotion needs. i am literally stupified that an order stating NO RESTRICTIONS (their insisted wording) triggers a need for a new prn benadryl order. if it wasnt after hours i'd have half a mind to call the state dept of ed to get them to quote me the exact wording of any law governing this....

    i feel like i live in some alternative universe sometimes.

    thanks for listening!!!!!
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    I'm sorry she was such a pita. :( There are some that are like that. I recall a school nurse in the state prior to where we are now that was kind of similar in demands. Ms. Queen has a standing order from a major medical university that she can not run or jump in gym. It's been part of her IEP for a couple of years now. Unfortunately we had moved to another state and the school nurse said that particular state would not accept it. I also learned that the note that was on file actually wasn't dated by the dr! I think that the previous state accepted it because the university is well known and accepted so they had no problem and probably also didn't even notice the problem with date. I never saw the note as it was faxed to school at the time or else "I" would have had a problem with it myself!

    So, like you, I had to try and back track and get another note from the original dr from the other state. I tried calling the nurse in his office. She said there is no way he will redo the note unless she was seen again by him, which wasn't going to happen now. I was not in the position to get another new note as there was NO dr in the area that would see or treat her since she requires specialized treatment. It turned into a big mess. The closest place was over 5 hours away and she wasn't due to go there for another 6 months. The principal of the school decided that he wasn't going to take any chances and pulled her from ALL gym! This is a child that desperately needs physical activity due to weight issues and the only time she gets any is through gym at school. They should have really modified it at the very least but refused. It was easier for them to say NO gym. REALLY? You can't modify it but you can arbitrarily say NO gym?

    We ended up moving away to this state but before I left I had to have the final IEP meeting at end of year and I let the principal know that he violated the ADA code for modifications of gym and violated her right to participate by denying her it!

    Sounds like you may be having similiar issues with them denying the right to education over this?