Very cool conversation with-a friend of a mom with-an Aspie kid

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    I went in for a colonoscopy today and when the nurse did my medication history, she said I was on a lot of medications and she was worried about putting me under. She was very relieved that I only take them on an as-needed basis. (I.e, Imitrex for migraines, Xanax on occasion, Ambien on occasion. In fact, I just brought in a 2-yr-old paper script to the dr yesterday and said, "Can you write me a new one that says 2012? :)) The only thing I take every day is Effexor (which is not in my profile; I guess I think it's more important to tell people about our dogs and cats :) ) She asked, "Is that for anxiety and depression?"
    I told her yes, as well as the fact that I cannot take estrogen because I had breast cancer, and I have a dad with-Alzheimer's whom I occasionally fly up to visit, an elderly cousin with-dementia I moved here to assisted living, and a son with-Asperger's."
    OMG, she and I talked for nearly a half hr. Turns out she has a very good friend whose son is my son's age. I asked if he was a happy, friendly Aspie. (Most I know are.)
    "NO!" she said. "He's angry and violent and scary. A friend and I watched the house while the mom was out of town, and the mom had the locks changed."(Apparently the Aspie was kicked out and was living somewhere else.)
    "He got mad and wanted in the house, so he broke a window and did a bunch of other stuff. We didn't know who had done it, so we called the police."

    She said her friend is not taking medications and you can just see how stressed out she is, and she imitated that tense look where the tendons in your neck stand out ... I told her about talk therapy and the fact that our therapist is a behaviorist, and he doesn't pay much attention to the why of things so much as training people what to do. She got SO excited about that. "That's it! That's what they need to do!"
    So I told her his name, our psychiatrist's name, the name of this board, and to tell her friend to take her son off of gluten.

    She was taking notes like mad.

    Then she took my blood pressure.:groan:

    "It's a little high."
    "I'm talking about my son. Give me a minute to calm down." :gityasmiley:
    Poor husband was sitting in the waiting room, thinking we were doing all the prep work ...
    Anyway, it felt good to provide info to someone for a change. :yess:
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    I know that feeling... we do all this research, get multiple degrees from the school of hard knocks... there has to be more than just our own little family that can profit from this wealth of expensive experience...!
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    lovelyboy Member true! Thanx you brought a smile to my face! Thumbs up!
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    That's wonderful Terry, my therapist calls that the 'ripple effect.' You heal, or get info, or transform, or get better and you share it, and then that person shares it, and on and on it goes. You did a very good thing today, you made a difference in that nurse's friend's family's life, and perhaps in many others lives too. Great job!