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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. klmno

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    difficult child's clothes are always so dirty that when the washing machine starts washing, the water already looks almost black. I always use the extra rinse option and put a little extra detergent in his clothes but I think they could stand to run through 2 full cycles. I don't do that because of the amount of water it would take. I understood when he was little and actually played in dirt and jumped in mud puddles, but I don't understand it now. He doesn't always shower as much as he should but he doesn't go days or anything.

    Is this typical for a young teen boy? Any suggestions?
  2. flutterbee

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    The only thought I have is if they are dark and the colors are bleeding. I have no idea on them being so dirty.

    One suggestion for washing (I got this from Daisylover): Buy a tub of Oxyclean and put a scoop full in with the wash. It works wonders.
  3. klmno

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    Is it a laundry detergent? If not, what aisle do I find it in? (I know- you'd think I just became domesticated yesterday, right? LOL!)
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    I think you do find it in the laundry aisle, but you can use it for just about anything. It's really good at getting all kinds of stains out of carpet, too.
  5. klmno

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    REALLY?? I should have gotten some of that a long time ago!! Thanks!
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    husband and difficult child have come home after riding with their clothing filthy, completely covered with mud (mostly husband, believe it or not - the big kid!!!). Anyway, I have the old-fashioned stationary tubs where I pre-soak the whole bunch; it helps somewhat. I've heard others who have done well with OxiClean. Maybe try some Borax or similar to that when presoaking, if you go that route (or may you already do all of that!). :clean:
  7. klmno

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    HA HA!! No- I don't already go that route- maybe that's where I'm going wrong LOL! Although, difficult child has very sensitive skin and maybe he's outgrown a lot of it now- I guess I just got in the habit of being cautious about his laundry detergent when he was little.

    Does oxiclean do ok as far as rinsing out well and not causing rashes?
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    I can't use Tide powder because it gives me rashes. Oxyclean seems fine for my skin. It is one of the great cleaners of all time in my opinion. I've used it to soak verticals that were loaded with tobacco for a client and it even got the scent out of them. I soaked an old lace tablecloth that had yellowed and it worked on it with no damage. So, I'd guess it's pretty safe for skin.

    It's usually in the cleaning supply area. You can buy a small quantity to try out first. If you're like me, the big tubs are the way to go. I use it for any big stain. Even have a spray bottle solution I've mixed up to use in cleaning people's homes (works well on soap scum, too).
  9. totoro

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    Borax is one of the oldest used cleaners. It is basic cleaner and has very little harsh agents in it. People who have reactions or are sensitive use it. It cleans up anything also!
    I use it to clean N's bed when she wets it.. last night!
    I have a cover on her bed, but sometimes it leaks through. I pour the borax on it and let it dry, vacuum it up...
    I put borax in the laundry with tough dirty stuff... I also have Oxy-clean. I like them both.
  10. flutterbee

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    Wynter has sensitive skin and she hasn't had any problems with OxyClean. For years, I could only use Cheer Free (no dyes, etc) because of her skin.

    Tide causes me problems, too.

    I run Oxyclean through the carpet scrubber to clean my carpet. It works wonders and doesn't leave any sticky residue that a lot of the shampoo's do.
  11. klmno

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    Thank you all! I will get some at my next trip to the store!! by the way- Cheer is what I use, too.
  12. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Toto, why not just get a vinyl cover for the mattress? They're pretty inexpensive. I used one for all the kids because of bedwetting issues (easy child still needs pullups). Saves the mattress, and it wipes clean. Also good if they have allergies.
  13. Hound dog

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    Oh, also remember to dissolve the oxyclean in the water before loading. This makes certain it all rinses away. I just let the tub fill a bit then stir it with my hand for a little bit. Love that stuff. And with Travis and a 2 year old around....I need it. lol

    And if I ever get a chance, I'm using it in my carpet scrubber. :)
  14. meowbunny

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    Another great use for Borax is for flea killing. Do a very liberal toss on the carpet, let it sit overnight and vac it up in the morning (immediately toss the bag or clean out the cannister and filters). According to a pest control guy I talked to, the Borax smothers the fleas.
  15. Marguerite

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    Teenage boys are VERY different to girls, in the laundry department. Even the cleanest boys smell different and their clothes etc take a lot more washing. Then you get the boys who come home muddy, filthy etc and they take much more to clean.

    Oxyclean - we have a similar product called Oxyaction, ours is a powder and I put a large scoop in the wash with the laundry powder. It makes a big difference to difficult child 3's clothes (and difficult child 1's, although he's no longer my problem!). But for boys, I often need bigger guns.

    Here are the weapons in my armoury:

    1) White vinegar. I splash it on underarm areas to knock out BO and sweat stains. I've also successfully used it to shift nicotine smells and stains and just about any protein stain or smell. For REALLY bad problem stains/smells it needs to be used in conjunction with...

    2) Enzyme soak. I actually have a laundry powder that can double as a soaker. And I also use it with...

    3) Oxyaction (or similar). Either as a pre-soak or as a handful in with the wash. Or both. And for spot treatment...

    4) A rub with a slightly soggy bar of soap. This is ideal for grubby collars, grease spots, stains from spilled food or muddy stains. I keep a bar of soap in the laundry and every so often I splash a bit of water into the dish to make the bar soggy underneath. I use soggy soap for all sorts of things, including stage makeup. For stained clothes I use the bar of soap like a crayon, and scribble over the stains.

    I cold water wash and still can get clothes clean. For REALLY grotty clothes, I will use a hot wash, but frankly, a lot of stains and especially smells can "cook in" if you hot wash. Hot water is only extra good for greasy stains, otherwise with modern detergents there is no difference if you want to save energy and cold wash.

    The vinegar - easy child 2/difficult child 2 bought a spray bottle and fills it with vinegar. She took it with her when she moved out. I also buy the cheapest generic brand of white vinegar I can find. You certainly wouldn't use it in a salad! it comes in handy at Christmas time when we have ham. A good ham bag (like a large pillow case) should be rinsed in a mix of vinegar and water (I think it's a couple of tablespoonfuls of vinegar to a litre of water), then squeezed out. You then put the ham (and plate the ham is on) inside the bag to keep it fresh then put it all in the fridge. Well, WE have to because the ham has to withstand an Aussie summer.

    All my laundry regime has to be OK for sensitive skins, because difficult child 1 reacts to some detergents. My biggest problem has been to get him to put his clothes in the laundry; he would go months without putting ANY underwear in the wash. We took to calling him Cohen the Barbarian (from Terry Pratchett's Discworld books). Cohen wears leather loincloths as clothing and says they don't need washing or changing because "good leather don't rot for years."

  16. klmno

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    I'm going to get some of this tomorrow (either the borax or oxyclean- whichever I can find) - do I still put regular laundry detergent in or just pre-soak and wash with this?
  17. 1905

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    I'm getting oxyclean tomorrow, thanks Daisylover!!! We've been having a problem with towels. husband keeps saying he thinks they aren't getting clean, they seen fine to me, and I have a sensitive nose. I think we need this !!!-Alyssa