Violating IEP


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My autistic granddaughter has an IEP her school is supposed to follow. She is supposed to have a 1:1 ratio with a teachers aide. This ratio was to last until the end of the school year. In December, the school decided to stop the 1:1 ratio without her parents permission. We are trying to find out if this is legal for the school to do, in the state of Missouri.
Any information on the subject is appreciated.

Thank you


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Did they have an IEP meeting to discuss the change and have it approved? Did they give reasons for it to be changed? How did it all come about?

I am not an expert on IEPs and how this would be handled, but if they didn't have a meeting and discuss it as a change in placement, then it is a big deal. Or I would think it is a big deal.

Was the aide just suddenly stopped? Or slowly pulled away a couple of hours at a time? How have things been since the aide is no longer there?

I do know that you should check with as they probably have some information on this. I will also see if I can find someone more knowledgeable on this to give you some info.


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You will probably want to contact your state board of education website to look for an advocate. They are free and they help you during IEPs and problems. I know people who have had great luck with advocates. The advocates really held the school's feet to the fire and made them do what the child needed.

You can also get your own special education attorney, or consult one. This will be a way to find out if what the school is doing is legal. Often they can help get what you need, but they can be expensive. Advocates found through the state website are generally free, or they were when I was dealing with IEPs.