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  1. At the most recent IEP meeting it was decided M would be placed in a therapeutic school. We have been referred to 2 thus far. Start visits next week. He is 15. Should I take him with me to the initial meeting or go by myself? I'd hate to take him and have him like a school that I just feel isn't right for him and having to shoot it down.

    Any suggestions? Any suggestions of questions to ask at the visits?

  2. svengandhi

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    I always went alone first, then back with H and only then with the child. I did this when we were placing oldest boy in alternative HS, PC14 in a sped Learning Disability (LD)/dyslexia school and difficult child in EBD school. difficult child wound up staying mainstreamed and being placed in honors classes, the other 2 went to places I visited.
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    I would think the first visit should not include difficult child. Once you feel confident about a choice, then he can go with you. DDD
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    I'm a little late on this and you may already have made your decision. For me, I agree with DDD and Svengadhi - I would do the initial alone.

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    I agree that you should see the schools first on your own. I'm going through this now with Tigger and while I would love to be able to get his opinion on the placements, it would just be too disruptive for him to (a) miss his own school and (b) try and stay quiet in a classroom with 'new friends'.