wanna get anyone's address?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by antsmom, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Neat and scary...
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    yikes........name, address, phone #, and birth date for everyone to see. And then a background report can be ordered but that you have to pay for.

    Wonder if there is any way to get your name removed????

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    the cops use that site too. my son showed me how I was on it. with both maiden and married names !!
    shocking. I too would like to be removed from it but I do not think it is possible. there are tons of other sites that list your same info.
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    You just made my day.

    I guess I can take stepgfg off my profile as missing. I just found her using this search engine. :nonono: All I did was type in her name. Evidently she never married the kid's Dad.

    Now what I'm going to do with this info, I don't know. I'm still in shock. I've tried tons of search engines and came up with nothing. Then poof. I find her. Guess I'm releaved she has somewhere to live and isn't still on the streets.

    Thanks for posting this.
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    Lisa, I also found someone who had moved with no forwarding address! amazing how the phone numbers are there too in most cases.
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    For whatever this is worth to you guys...I'm not in here at all. If you run my name and ss# through any credit agency I come up right away. But here only once with an old town/ state and phony year of birth (when you click on the address it comes up with unknown.)

    The phony year of birth I can actually account for...I don't have any magazine subsciptions, internet subscriptions or anything else. Very rarely I enter an internet contest. But I read through the rules to be sure they're not passing on the info first. In the even rarer case that I want to enter if they don't guarantee privacy I enter the wrong BD. So when something like this comes up, if it's the wrong BD I know they got it from some contest. In this case must have been a contest many, many years ago.

    So it's not for me a matter of getting my name off, it's making sure it never gets on. My phone is unlisted, I only give my internet address to people I know, etc, etc.

    With all that I do get some spam. Most of that I believe comes from being on ebay. In particular I believe that when you list something for sale on ebay your e-mail gets picked up by these spammers.
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    I have to congratulate you on finally locating those grandbabies. It's been a bunch of years. Their disappearance was something I prayed about a lot all this time. Basically, my worst nightmare is what you've lived. Such a basic thing helped you find them, yet took so long. Just shows what technology can do for all of us.

    My suggestion on the boyfriend would be, now that you have a state, to look at the state's prisoner list. Chances are he's in there.

    Prayers that she's gotten clean and those babies are OK.
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    This is so SCARY!!! It seems like there is no such thing as privacy anymore!!! WFEN