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Well, you know, just to do that setting the record straight thing... ADHD in France is recognised, and diagnosed, and understanding is improving. Teachers on the whole seem very uninformed, though - they receiving virtually no training about learning differences or difficulties. But I don't want to exaggerate the position... I feel the psychiatrist we see, though overworked and not very good at listening, has a good understanding of ADHD and has been on our side, championing J to the school and play centre. I can see how the latter have changed towards him, for example, now that they know and understand something of why he behaves as he does. We are seeing her this afternoon, as it happens...

France is really not a desert in terms of these things, MWM! But it IS behind other western countries, yes. On the other hand, there are quite sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options available IF you are in the right place, ie a few big cities.


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Good you have more pieces to the puzzle. I am curious what accommodations or recommendations will be given to J's school? Will there be a new method employed to teach him reading? I know for dyslexic children in the US Lindamood-Bell and Barton System see success.