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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jamieh, May 21, 2013.

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    we took E to the pediatrician. today to discuss medications for his ADHD. We also had to get him caught up on shots for kindergarten. *sigh* I so wanted to do this without medication but he is struggling so much every day. I feel like I am constantly fussing at him for everything. Almost 99% of it is stuff directly caused from his hyperness and inattentive. She put him on Vyvanse. We will start him off with- a low dose but she said just from the times she has observed him in the office and from all the feedback from his preschool teachers and therapist and counselors she feels that he will need to be on a higher dose for us to see any improvement. But we start tomorrow. So fingers crossed that we see some kind of improvements and that we don't have to go through a lot before finding something that works.
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    Vyvance worked well for my nephew but the state insurance my sister is on doesn't want to cover it, but it pretty much turned him into a dream kid for the trial period he had it for.
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    Fingers crossed! Let us know.
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    My fingers are crossed for you!
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    His pediatrician. gave us a prescription card that makes it $30 per refill. She said that if it worked they would supply us with them every month because our ins. won't cover brand names. so far so good. He is a lot calmer. but not only that but he isn't RUNNING all the time. he is walking. and I feel like it is too soon to get excited. because he just started it. but he seems to be doing a lot better. he isn't vibrating like before. that is the only way I know how to describe him normally. the kid would just vibrate with energy. And he would crash into furniture and climb on top of the couch. It didin't matter how many times we disciplined him for it. he still would do it. This evening he went to the play room and sat and played with his legos for an hour and a half. alone. without.getting.up. It was so unlike him. but he said 'I love my legos. I am having a lot of fun. I worked really hard on it.'  it seems so simple but it almost made me cry. Because he was able to enjoy it. instead of getting up 50 times to buzz around. 
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    Vyvanse looks like it's related to Dexedrine, which is the "other" common stimulant medication for ADHD.
    The stims do not build up in the system... they are taken, kick in, work (or not), and are out of your system in well under 24 hours.

    The only need to start with a low dose and work up is to look out for side effects, and to figure out what the effective dosage is. What you are seeing? is the medication being effective, even at a low dosage. Your boy may not need high dosages for a long time yet (somehow, puberty really messes up medication effectiveness...) and that is positive.
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    Jamieh- it worked that way for my nephew too it was an immediate change at first my sister was concerned because he was totally a different kid but he was enjoying his concentration and he was eating 3 meals and two snacks a day instead of running into the kitchen every five minutes wanting to eat. He was extremely over weight when he started taking them.

    Glad it's working so far and you have a plan for getting it refilled.