We Started The Concerta For Dylan


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Ok, so it's only day 3, but so far so good :bravo:

Interesting, I give him the 18 mg tab in the A.M. with his Synthroid and Lithium. He's only been eating about 1/2 his 1 cup of cereal and saying he's full. Small lunch at school. Then he takes that Abilify at night with supper.

And it starts. "Can I have a snack?". "I'm still hungry". Although I say no, or give him another option (8 calorie jello, fat free yogurt, whatever), that seems to be the culprit.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr :grrr:

The Concerta - working just fine :surprise: Yep, I'm shocked, but it's good.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts and advice.



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Well, that's good news! I'd rather put up with-snack attacks than all the other stuff, but I know how it can interfere when you're on a schedule. Day 3 and results already... maybe this is the ticket. I've got my fingers crossed.


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good news! I would imagine that things are likely to continue with what you are now seeing. At least that has been my experience.

I have a son on Adderall. It starts to wear off around dinnertime, then the hunger sets in...so his wanting to eat is probably more due to the rebound effect than to the Abilify. Hope it helps overall in the appetite department.


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So glad to hear about 3 positive days with the concerta. Fingers crossed as well.

by the way-I stopped giving difficult child his abilify at dinner time and moved it to about 7:00-7:30 and it did help some with the evening snacking and it did not interfere with the sleep thing. He is still ready for sleep by 8:00.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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Yes, it could be rebound or the abilify. Hopefuly, it will be a balanced day with eating less in the beginning of the day and more at night.


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Janna- I am glad to hear that it is working. My nephew can take stimulants when he is stable on Tegretol. Good news.


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Glad to hear the Concerta is working. When my difficult child was on it she would hardly eat during the day and then want to snack constantly at night.


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When my son started abilify and got up to 7.5mg and more he started eating like I have never seen before. Actually until the point of vomit. Then we reduced it for a long while and worked on other medications and the doctor had said that studies show that by 36 weeks the eating side effect disappears. Well we just raised it due a set back and he is now taking 10 mg (5 am, 5 pm) and I have not seen the effect this time. I guess the Dr. was right, so perhaps in time the eating will subside.

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I'm glad to hear things have started off well with the Concerta. I'm saying a prayer it continues. :angel:


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Matthew is on Concerta and he doesn't eat much in the morning or at lunch either. At dinner time he eats A LOT! They told me to expect that.