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Today I am going to my first computer class at the senior center. I am pretty proficient on most things, but I will learn more about word processing and excel spread sheets. So I won't be completely lost, hopefully the other "seniors" have some computer skills. LOL

I have one week to finish up getting the house company ready. Next week an Irish teen will spend a month with us. It is part of a group thing, where there are activities just about every day, all day for the student and our teen. I am hoping it is a positive experience for the teen and us. I enjoyed all the year long exchange students we hosted, but last time, four years ago, it was a little much having three teen/preteen girls at the same time.

The goal for today is to clean our bedroom. No use cleaning the kitchen/bath/living room yet, because it will need to be redone next week...I mean, I will pick up and stuff, but deep cleaning will wait so it still looks nice.

I wish I could post a picture of our cat. Socks went to the groomer and now has a "lions" hair cut. Even the poof at the end of his tail, and a close hair cut on the body. He still has his big "mane" around his head. He was a stray kitty who grew in to what looks like a Maine Coon cat. I think he is happier without his fur coat!


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I did not know there were cat groomers, ksm. That would be a dangerous way to make a living, for sure!

Thank you for beginning the morning thread! I am so pleased to see it.


Here is great news from me, today. A friend of mine just had her first book published.

Her book party will be July 7th.




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Well, it is raining HARD right now, and has all night.

We, I officially sent an e-mail to the online school that my daughter is in, asking to cancel some of the classes I had signed her up for next year. I signed her up way back in March, so the cancellation fees will be high ($1 per day per cancellation). I am not looking forward to seeing that. I hate wasting $! I signed her up for five, plus this summer writing class. I am going to go down to two, maybe three.

I thought this would be the answer for this year. I thought that daughter would be able to do it independently, which would free me up to help more with my grandmother's situation (she lives in another state and requires around the clock care while still living at home). Also, there will be the unpleasant task of dealing with the "afterwards" which will be coming soon, and my mom fully expects and needs me to be there to help out. Thought I could just take computer and go. But it is just not going to happen like I had hoped. I can see that now.

On a good note, daughter is at her day camp classes, which she is loving (computer programming and chemistry) and I don't have to be the first car in the line and get there half hour early for the first and only time! Yey! So, I am loving my extra 20 minutes at home today!

I would turn on HGTV and watch "Love it or List it" but the satellite is out because of the rain, so I get to enjoy the quiet, which is also good.

Well, gotta get to cleaning while I can.



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So I'm at work and slept surprisingly well. Jabber was up with an IBS flare-up. Chocolate and stress are not the friend of an IBS sufferer. So he called in sick today, but I'm at work. Lucky for the boss. We had two call in today and a 3rd was fired on Monday. Lawyers are droppin' like flies around here! Unfortunately, that means the ones left pick up their docket, so extra work for me - Hooray!:whoopdedoo:

I may go visit a friend in the hospital after work today. She had a knee replacement a couple years ago and it broke loose, so she had to have a revision. 8 weeks later - MRSA. They did surgery and she was at home on infusion antibiotics for another 9 weeks or so. Back to work about 3 or 4 months, starts having pain again. MRSA. This time they are removing her knee and putting in a spacer made of antibiotic-laced concrete. She'll be off work and on infusion antibiotics again for 8 or 9 weeks! :916wildone: Then, hopefully a new knee with all that entails! Thank God her husband has a good job.

So...busy, busy day for me and likely a very long one. Have a good one all!


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Good morning, all.

It's supposed to be 103 today, and I need to run to the grocery store for green onions - I decided on tuna salad stuffed into avocados for dinner tonight. I plan to do this early.

Other than that, there's nothing new around here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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Yum tuna stuffed into avocados sounds delish!

I slept good too. Could barely get up. Luckily boss is out so can chill a bit. Son arrived at detox last night so I had some peaceful sleep.

Gloomy here and rain on and off but it's warm. Coworker taking me to lunch today for my Saturday birthday. She leaves for Ireland tomorrow! Lucky dog.

Dentist cleaning after work. I have not been flossing as much as I should ugh.

Have a good hump day everyone.


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Ugg... Computer class at senior center. I guess I need to stick the boring stuff to get to Word and Excel. But there is always one person, that one person...who are like nails on a chalkboard. Yes, that person. She had a random comment about I had to over hear her talk about diabetic toenail care. Ugg!!! I hope I don't turn in to a boring inappropriate senior citizen!!!

Well, time to start on the bedroom. KSM


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I am happy to see the morning thread back. I don't participate much but I do read it. Today is the second to the last day of school. The only final my son has today is PE. Easy Peasy. Tomorrow is his last final and it's English and his teacher is tough. I am hoping he does well.

My daughter is spending the day at Disneyland. She is presently attending workshops for people with disabilities and eventually they will be placing her in a part time job. Today they are doing a workshop on working outdoors. There is about an hour presentation, and then she will be staying there and having fun, going on rides and shopping, for the remainder of the day. Lucky her.

I am stuck at work with more anxiety. At least after tomorrow, I won't have any more phone calls to make for two and a half months. Woohoo! I am looking forward to a summer of (hopefully) peace and quiet. Well as peaceful as I can get for having two teenagers with mental disabilities and anger issues together in one place all day every day for two months. At least I won't be at dreaded work! For now I am counting down the hours till the last day of school. Can't wait!


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CB: you could take your summer vacation, and contact places like vocational rehab. See if they can help you find something more suited to your challenges.


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CB, glad you'll be getting a break. You are stronger than you know. I couldn't work at a job that gave much anxiety. I'd have to walk out. Enjoy the summer!

Ok, so it's a beautiful sunny 70s sort of day. I think ill take a walk or jog before I have to get ready for work. It's my first day not being trained so I'm a little nervous, but my new mantra when I get anxiety is to talk back to it. I ask myself, "how is this worry helping you?" Like magic it goes away and I also use deep breathing to relax my body.

I have ambulatory surgery tomorrow. Should be short and sweet. I am not really thinking about it much. It's just a few more hours of sleep tomorrow morning.

Embrace the day, everyone!!!!