Weekend Closet Cleanout Marathon is over..

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marcie Mac, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Marcie Mac

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    and you can barely make your way thru the Dining Room as there are bags and bags and bags of "stuff" going to charity

    My side (1/4th of a wall size closet) basically was just clothes - I kept one size downwards and the rest went - my days of Size 8 are long gone, and if I ever get there again, will happly go clothes shopping. And purses (I could have assembled a herd of cows with those). And the linen closet - 35 sheets, some sets, for sizes of beds we don't own. Gone..

    But SO's side, omg. I never go in his side so had no clue as to how much "stuff" he was squirrling away. His mother keeps sending him Sketcher shoes. He's never worn them - I think I managed to get him to let go of 7 pair. A hugh pile of tools that should have been in the garage and not our bedroom, packages of Tshirts (they are not my size he says):( Yoda stuff (we have the den entirely devoted to his Yoda collection - mmm - about 1,000 items and here are like 200 more. Two unopened VCR's machines, Racing cars, airplane models to be assembled, a bottle of some kind of Jet Fuel:surprise: DVD movies he had forgotten he bought (a month or so ago he decided to build a spinning sided dvd holder - a big honking thing that holds 600 DVDs. It was full and overflowing BEFORE the closet clean as it is) Enough medical supplies we could open up our own store - braces of every imaginable part of your body..

    He is a little tramatized this morning - last week he sold his hunting knife collection cause I wouldn't let them be brought into the house - some of those suckers were big enough to gut an elephant. Why he needed bayonets from some war or another (complete with dried blood still on them - ewww) A footlocker FULL. Man's never been hunting in his life. easy child was upset with me cause he says I "made" SO get rid of them. Its not like he got rid of the collection of Samari swords he still is holding on to..(and they aren't comming into my house either)
    I don't know what the facination is with stuff that is used for killing.. But he got to spend almost the whole day at the military collectible store and came away with a nice sum of money and was a happy camper..

    I am going to give him a few weeks break and then will start on the garage next :)

    It was nice to be able to go to bed last night and not trip over "stuff"

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    I'm getting ready to do the same type of thing. I am coordinating a block yard sale here in the fall. Everyone will set their stuff in their own yards, but since we live in this old area, we attract a ton of traffice with dealers coming in as early as 5:30 am!! We'll put an ad in the paper and on craigslist.

    We are using the Florida room as our yard sale staging area. I ordered a whole bunch of book boxes (which I will break down and take to the office after the yard sale). The kids and I will work two hours one day a week this summer on boxing up stuff. difficult child will have his own "toy" area sale!

    Like you, I am ready to do some closet cleaning and junk drawer cleaning. I will have some nice stuff too (furniture, small applicance, and glassware) and I hope that goes first. I have contacted a local church who does a lot of outreach and will send out a truck after the sale and pick up everything!!!!

    On with the purging!!!

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    Since I'm in an 800 square foot house (me, Hubby, my JRT, four cats, and a rat in a cage in the living room), I try to banish junk before it even gets in. Unfortunately, I'm not always successful. Hubby is the worst pack rat...I keep telling him he must have had a deprived childhood to hang on to all this stuff...but "it might be worth something someday." Great...what do we do with it till then?

    Congrats on getting the closet all cleaned and organized! And best of luck on the garage!