Weekend was okay...


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difficult child had a semi-bad day on Friday at school, after 4 pretty good days. She had a major tantrum at naptime because she didn't want to nap, and was being really loud and ran into the bathroom. When the teacher tried to get her to lay on her cot, she started kicking and screaming and trying to hit the teacher. The asst director came up and carried her downstairs so that she wouldn't wake up any more kids. She finished her tantrum in the front office, laying on the couch. AFter about 15 minutes, she calmed down and asked to go back to her room. Then she laid down and fell asleep.

This weekend was okay, but she is SOO mouthy to me. Just downright mean and nasty. She hates me, I swear. I'm trying to stay calm but it's so hard for me to 'like' her when she treats me like crap. This morning was a nightmare again. She simply refused to go to school. Wouldn't get dressed, etc. I was calm, though. Didn't yell at all.

She was sick on Saturday, so she actually took a nap and was decent for most of the day. Sunday we had a birthday party, she was okay there, but afterwards at our friends' house she flipped out because the other little girl wanted to do a puzzle with my daughter, and she didn't want any help. MAJOR tantrum which led to leaving their house. *sigh*


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Sorry you are having a rough time with your little one. My difficult child was a bit the same... I found that if we went and did something like a Birthday party... we were lucky to get through that with all of the stimulation and to expect her to go and maintain herself somewhere else was asking too much. She would always fall apart.
We have found that most times we can do one thing that is high in sensory/stimulation... and then let her go home and unwind. Otherwise it is asking to much from her... Your difficult child mught be the same, overload!!!

Sometimes we can't even tell her what we are doing beforehand, or she will get too wound up and having a breakdown before we even get to where we are going!!!
Good luck


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My Duckie was constantly out of sorts when tired or coming down with an illness. She acted more like a wild animal than the beautiful little girl I knew to be there somewhere. As for not liking each other, that's going to come with the territory. As an adult it is your job to rise above it enough to say to yourself that you don't like the words and actions of your child. You have to practice saying this before it sinks in. There's a wonderful child in there and she loves you with all her heart. She's confusing the pain & chaos she is feeling by throwing it at you. I found the best thing for my girl was to limit activities to the most important so she wasn't overtired. I also told her that saying mean things was unacceptable and wouldn't be tolerated. One warning, then a consequence. I swear I have a bad back today because of the numerous times I hauled a screaming and kicking Duckie out of somewhere.