Weight loss-Who excercised today?


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Hi All-
I didn't exercise today, but I should have...Please share if you've excercised today...Maybe it will motivate us! :smile:


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well im going to the gym tonight but i did walk to school this morning waked home and walked back to get difficult child.then of course they have 3 flights of stairs had to go up them twice did not want to but had to.so i guess that counts for a little bit of exercising.the walking to school back and forth was like 15 minets total.


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I treadmilled my 30 minutes and worked up a sweat. Now comes the part where I try to eat healthy foods.....

Was talking about someone sleepwalking the other day and decided this would be ideal if I could only sleepwalk on the treadmill..........

:smile: :salute:


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Haven't exercised anything but my mouth today! I WILL go to Curves tonight and probably walk for a little bit after Curves. it is in the 50's here today and i am going to take advantage of it. It is a heat wave!


Had a rough morning with difficult child in a panic attack, so I didn't get on the treadmill. I don't like to do it at night. But at work I was lugging several (3 at a time) heavy 5" binders filled full with workpapers all over the office. And I stopped at the store and bought 18 pounds of dog food, 8 pounds of cat food and 4 pounds of bunny food and decided against a cart - so I lugged it all over the store and out to the car and then into the house. Figure that counts for a little something.


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I did but it was tough. I did the treadmill for 30min and weight training for 35min. I was so worn out that I didn't even finish the last 10min of the weight training. I'm happy to have gotten it out of the way. Every little bit helps.
I'm trying to tell myself "no excuses" over and over.

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I didn't today but I did on Sat., Sun., and Mon. husband and I have talked about maybe going once difficult child falls asleep tonight be we'll see.


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I wish I did. But nope. I can't seem to find any time. It's 9:15 PM. The last thing I feel like doing, since being up at 5 AM to get ready for work, is working out lol.

You guys are really my heros. I wish I had the energy you do.



trying to survive....
Good for all of you who exercised--Keep it up! I didn't exercise today, but I did make good food choices--
I'm hoping to exercise tomorrow (hpefully)

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I didn't exercise today. :frown: I had planned to go back to Curves after not being there since the end of August, but once again I didn't make it. I have to get husband's bookkeeping done, so I didn't want to leave the house. Why, oh why, did I procrastinate on it???

I want going to ride my exercise bike but didn't even do that. Tomorrow I will!!!