well both my kids had another off day at school

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by RobinD, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Well kids had another bad day at school.
    Willy report said he had trouble this afternoon, was very tired this morning, crabby this afternoon and off task and irritable. He got a 8 in dear not focus lost reading log :(, skills was a 8 crabby not wanting to do the work at first. Social studies a 7 reluctant to work irritable! Plus he has homework tonite as well.
    Marie got a 6 in club not participatin, 9 in reading loud but good, lunch was a 9 slow and messy, dear 8 loud shouting out, ,writing a 9 and art a 0 swore while playing group game!

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    I can't remember if the kids have an IEP. If so do they have a BIP? Is it being followed? If so maybe it needs to be revisited. Hugs-I know how wearing those bad school days can be.
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    we had there iep's in oct and nov and they said they didn't need a bip. hmm!
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    i think they are snowing you on the bip. Several parents in our SD had to really fight hard for them.

    I am confused on the reports. Is the scale 1-10, with 1 being highest or 10 being highest, or what?

    If it is a 1-10 scale and 10 is perfect, then maybe the days won't seem so bad if you see it as 90%, 70%, etc... And then think of how many times any of us adults would have perfect 10 (100%) all day, everyday.

    I hope that you can get the help they need. I know it is really really hard, and just now any fun at all!

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    10 is the highest! My son has been very fixated all year on bringing home all 10's he was on 10 streak for a very long time. Last week had 2 bad days than on thursday and friday he had all 10's :) With my daughter its hard for her to get all 10's but she pulled it off on last Friday so we gave her a quarter for it. I also put stickers on them when I sign them and return back to school with them. The points are in 2 catergories one in academic and one for behaviors in each class including lunch its only for behaviors.
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    Got a email from her art teacher this morning ugh little brat!!! :devil2:

    We were playing a word game where students take turns suggesting things to draw, and when it was her turn, Marie excitedly suggested the word sh**. She said it several times, while laughing about it, saying we could all draw piles of sh**. I pulled her aside and told her how inappropriate that was, and asked her to work silently the rest of class, which she did.
    Thanks for the response, Feel free to write anytime
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    Write that down somewhere like a baby book that you will kee. It is wonderful to pull these out and laugh at them - LATER.

    When difficult child was in 1st grade he was really a PITA. He did something on the playground that was against the rules. The monitor asked him his name. He said........."Jack"

    Then the monitor asked for his last name. You guessed it. ":censored2:"

    I still have the written discipline thing from school. 9 years later it is funny, and I keep offering to show it to his girlfriend!!!