Well, nothing like hitting the ground running....

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    and a good IEP meeting to get your brain rolling again. I was worried about today, but it all came back pretty quickly.

    So...what have I missed while I've been away? I've been trying to read, but I'm sure behind.

    In our house...difficult child 1 has been deployed to "the big sandbox" now. Hopefully he will come home late summer. His wife and baby are living with her grandparents on the east coast til he comes home. easy child 1 and his girlfriend are planning a wedding for May '12. Wee enjoys snow days but is glad to be back to school from the holiday break.

    I am weight bearing, now, and learning to walk and drive again. Strange on a limb with little and very impaired feeling. But making great progress. Range of motion is still pretty bad, and not sure how close to normal I will be able to get, but I make a little progress each day. I ordered cocmpression stockings today, and when they come in, I will get to start doing a little very controlled walking at home with a crutch and a tennis shoe and the small splint instead of the walking boot I'm in now. YAY!!! I've progressed to that point.

    My wrist is another story - I am making progress with it, as well, but much slower. The scar from the incisions in both my ankle and my wrist have scarred into my tendons, but my wrist is really affected. Hoping I won't need a surgery to cut away the scar tissue, but just too early to tell.

    And I will probably start back to work next week.

    And we are looking for a new wagon - one with 4 rubber tires and 4 wheel brakes. lol Going to fix the buggy I wrecked, but also gonna invest in something that would have been able to stop this wreck from happening.... Ok by me!
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    Glad to hear you're making such progress, and you sound pretty upbeat, too!
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    Sounds like you're taking a high dive back into life. Glad to hear that things are falling into place. Hugs. DDD
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    Good for you!