We're baaaaack!


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Hey everybody. We're back from Vegas. Had a good time. Will post more later as we're still a bit loopy from lack of sleep even though we got a full nights last night. Will give more details when more coherent.

Tanya M

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Welcome back!! Glad to hear you had a good time, hope to hear you won BIG :p


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We plan on taking it VERY easy today. Been up for hours now with several cups of coffee in us and still fuzzy. Gonna pick up the pups in a bit, get a VERY few groceries as the cupboards are fairly bare, and that's about it.


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Good morning all. Still feeling a bit fuzzy this morning but much better than yesterday.

We had a wonderful time! Lil even played poker and enjoyed herself. No, we didn't come home rich but we didn't come home as poor as expected either. We did discover that the days of the cheap Vegas buffets are gone. We've already started to try and think of ways to save on the food bill next time. We did eat at Tony Roma's and the $8.99 prime rib was very good.

The place we stayed at had single deck shoe black jack which was great. For those who don't know, the shoe is the thing that the dealer puts the cards in to deal from. Standard nowadays is six deck to deter card counters.

I played in a few poker tournaments but didn't win, no big shock there. I enjoyed it and learned a bit. We didn't really figure out the new comps system until the last day. Got it figured out for there and for the local casino's when we gamble in state next time.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing good and had a wonderful Christmas. Lil should be along some time to post as well.


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Hey everyone!

What Jabber didn't say is I played poker in Vegas and won! :D

Okay, so I didn't win much...but a win is a win. lol I took a Texas Hold'em lesson on one day, then got $20 worth of chips and played for an hour and a half with guys that I know had a lot more experience than me and who had a lot more money. They were quite surprised when I told them as I was leaving that it was my first time. Second day I went big and got $30 worth of chips. LOL Apparently I played better, since I played for 4 hours and walked away with $85! So altogether, I left poker up $35 which I count as a win...and made up a little bit for the $40 I lost at craps in about 10 minutes... :p

It really was a great time. Wish I could have stayed longer...but then again if we were in Vegas too long, I'd be both way too fat and way too broke. :)