What a morning ...

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    easy child burst into our room around 3 am claiming a tornado warning woke her up. She said she keeps hearing beeping noises ... I tell her they are doing roadwork nearby and not to worry no tornados headed our way ...

    Then about 30 minutes later, I hear her whimpering. I head into her room and just decide to sleep in there so husband can difficult child don't wake up. I am off today so no biggie. Of course I cannot fall back to sleep right away ... SIGH

    difficult child misses the bus and will not get out of bed. I called school to let them know he will be late. I also asked them to give him heck for it. They agreed 100 %.

    He is in big trouble. I hope this will make him think twice next time ...

    I refuse to deal with his cr*p every day.
  2. hearts and roses

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    I remember asking the teachers to give difficult child **** for always missing the bus and being late because she also would not get out of bed - and we tried everything!

    May tomorrow be a better day!
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    Oh Shelly, I hope your day gets better!!! I also always let the school know when difficult child missed the bus exactly why. She would always try to blame it on me. Not happening. Yesterday was my bad morning, had a migraine, had to dry my clothes, couldn't walk straight due to migraine, stubbed my toe so hard it brought tears to my eyes, laid my hand on my washer and the washer lid fell on the tips of two fingers. OMG, I called my job and said I will be there in a couple hours. I was too afraid to drive, not sure what was going to happen to me the rest of the day. But the rest of the day was good. I hope your is too. Hang in there.
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    I remember writing a tardy excuse when Miss KT was in second grade...

    Please excuse Miss KT's tardiness this morning. She was suffering from a severe case of hypochondria.

    Miss KT was most indignant when she got home because the secretary and her teacher laughed. She wanted to know if "the big long word that starts with h means I had diarrhea."
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    My much adored Father never thought I was anything but perfect. In 5th or 6th grade I decided I didn't want to school so "played sick" for one day intending it to last for a few. The second day he walked into my room and said "DDD get dressed for school I'm driving you and we leave in fifteen minutes." Yeah, right.

    Ten minutes later he came in the room and said "grab your books" we're leaving. I was in my pj's. I whined "I don't feel well and I'm not dressed." He said "well, guess you're going in your pj's" AND he made me get into the car. He ignored my pleading and crying. WTH! I finally realized he was serious as the school got closer and closer.

    He stopped the car on the side of the road and said "wouldn't you prefer to wear school clothes today?" We went back home, I got dressed in five minutes and then he delivered me to school without a note of excuse. I never tried it again. That was one of two times he was the "bad parent", lol, and obviously I still remember it! DDD