What are you all reading lately? Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. DDD

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    I just finished a book that was a pleasant read. Nothing earthshattering but an easy read about an Irish Catholic family entitled Maine. I'm not in the frame of mind for "heavy" stuff lately. You? DDD
  2. donna723

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    I don't read nearly as much as I used to (pre-computer) but I ought to.

    I just finished reading "The Help" and loved it, of course. And before that, I was lured into reading a little book called "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" ... probably the strangest book I've ever read. I think they're making a movie out of it and there's a trailer for it on YouTube. It's a fantasy and almost impossible to describe but the author has taken a series of very old, very strange photographs of children and woven the story around them. I think the book is really aimed at teenagers or young adults but I absolutely loved it and my son read it cover to cover over two days and he loved it too.
  3. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Donna. I just reserved it at the library so I can pick it up next week. If you and your son enjoyed it...I'm sure I will too. DDD
  4. TeDo

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    I just read Jaycee Dugaard's book about her ordeal. It was very interesting (not my usual read). Now I just started a book by one of my favorite authors, James Patterson (the other's haven't written anything new lately).
  5. Mattsmom277

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    I've been reading a lot given I've been rather house bound with these weather changes. Being a speed reader also means I read far more than average. I finished two books within the past few days and both were quite good. I read Just One Look by Harlan Coben, it was a pretty good storyline and typical of his writing style, a relaxing read. I also read Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay and I have to say it held me in its grip, I didn't sleep. I started it about 5p.m. and finished about 4a.m. and thats taking breaks for dinner, homework with easy child etc. It was just a fantastic book and the depth of the writing had me feeling I was right there. To over generalize (so as to not ruin it for anybody who might read it) it is 2 stories, one set now and one set during wartime France, and the book merges the 2 stories as the characters lives collide. It was believable and I even learned things I didn't know about some major events during the war. Definitely one of the better reads I've had in a while.
  6. Malika

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    Unfortunately I only have time at the moment for reading books I am translating - a very violent and gory (but rather entertaining and well done) thriller about freemasons and knights templar, all that stuff, and the memoirs of Jacques Chirac... What would I be reading had I but world enough and time? Oh, I don't know, probably the sort of lightweight but well-written psychological thriller that I enjoy in lighter moments - eg P.D.James. And the last book I read, during the summer, was "Odette" by Jerrard Tickell, the enthralling and extraordinary story of a heroine of the French resistance...
  7. Mamaof5

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    I just got my kobo wireless ereader this Tuesday. I'm a vampir-a-holic. I eat up vampire stories and horror stories. Just finished Morgan Rice's 3 out of 5 Vampire Journals books (Anne Rice's sister I believe). I just started Under the Dome by Stephen King. I've been dying to read that one since it came out. Mile 81 will be next after words. I read 3 books in less than 13 hrs this week (OMG I love books).

    Light reads...hrm...what can I suggest for light reads...Sookie Stackhouse series perhaps or some of Charliene's (writer of the aforementioned stackhouse series) short story comps? Anne Rice does a nicely done job of Mayfair (witch theme, linked with vampires). Blood Canticle is pretty good but a heavy read though.
  8. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Another one of my all-time favorites is "A Painted House" by John Grisham. It's not a new book, it was written in 2001, and it's nothing at all like his other books. It's set in the early 50's and written from the perspective of a young boy living on a cotton farm with his parents and grandparents and their struggles to overcome hard times. It's absolutely wonderful! After I read it I loaned it to someone at work and it was passed around to at least twenty other people, even some who aren't ordinarily big readers, and they all loved it! I finally got it back about a year later and have read it over and over again.
  9. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I am reading Dallas to New York by J D Robb. It is the latest in Nora Roberts' series about NY Police and Security Dept Lieutenant Eve Dallas. I love the series, and it is esp fun for me as Jessie and my Dad do too. It is one of few series we all just really like, and sharing adds a lot of fun to reading, in my opinion. I usually get this series as soon as it is released. For those who are not familiar, Eve Dallas is married to a billionaire named Roarke, who has a colorful past, and the entire series is set in the future. It starts in 2058 and Eve and Roarke meet because he is a suspect in her current investigation.

    I just finished Skin Trade and read Blood Noir just before it. Both are part of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton. I enjoy the series quite a bit and am looking for the early books to re-read. Jessie has asked if she can read them. At age 16 I know my folks didn't really censor anything I read, not sure they could have as I worked in a bookstore and spent fairly little time at home between school, work, activities and friends. I don't have much inclination to censor what Jess reads, but I do know that she leaves books laying around everywhere and her little bro and father will pick one up once in a while. These are not books thank you is ready to read, not even to read parts of. So if the first few are not so graphic then I will let her read those.

    I also listen to audiobooks a lot. I am trying to figure out this tape-to-easy child gadget to put the ones I have on cassette on the computer, but I also have quite a few on cd. husband and Jess have given me quite a few of the J D Robb books on cd, and also some by Jayne Castle/Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick and my mother has gotten me hooked on J A Jance's Sheriff Joanna Brady series on audiobook.

    FWIW to the rest of you, I sometimes put a Harry Potter or ARtemis Fowl audiobook on the stereo and have us all clean to it. It is amazing - no one gets distracted by a book they need to put away (one of the biggest obstacles to getting the kids to clean!) AND they are willing to clean for longer if the book is at a good part when we get to our pre-set stopping point!!

    I did learn years ago that Junie B Jones is NOT helpful for cleaning - not just too much time spent laughing but also WAY too many ideas for what not to do, Know what I mean??
  10. Mattsmom277

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    I never think to get audio books but what a fantastic idea for when its time to get busy around the house! I often lose myself in my book to the point of highly neglecting things that need to get done. It isn't even about trying to get out of housework, its all about my inability to break away from a book that I'm really into. I'm going to download a audio book tomorrow and try it out this week and see how it goes. Thanks for a brilliant idea!
  11. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I love Junie B!

    I read The Help not too long ago, but have mainly been reading review books for the paranormal site I "work" for. Just finished six books by CJ Lyons, really good stuff with doctor and cop drama, then slogged though a not very good vampire book, and am now attempting to finish a book that went schizo in the middle...the first half was great, very moving and interesting, and then it deteriorated into otherwordly battles and weird characters, and the only things that tie the mess together are the names of the main characters. I'm so confused!

    I have 25 prints and five e-books to review, I bought Jaycee Dugard's book last Friday, and I went to a really good thrift store and brought home a bag of interesting reading material two weeks ago. I know...it's a sickness...but there are worse habits I could have...
  12. muttmeister

    muttmeister Well-Known Member

    Our book club is presently reading Maine. I haven't gotten too far into it yet. We went as a group to see the movie version of The Help as we had read it earlier. Good movie, good book. I also read the Jaycee Dugard book. I've been reaing the Bloodhound mysteries by Virginia Lanier. Good for mystery lovers and dog lovers. Also this month I have read I Still Dream about You by Fannie Flagg. I really enjoy her stuff. Plus this month has gotten me through Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut (much better than I expected), Neuromancer by William Gibson (weird), The Monk by M.G. Lewis (really an oldie), The Bridges at Toko-Ri by James Michener, Ford County by John Grisham (short stories), and I'm now in the middle of The Hot Kid by Elmore Leonard and I'm starting The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles. Also on my Kindle I have going Hiss of Death by Rita Mae Brown. I guess you could say my taste is somewhat eclectic. LMAO
  13. compassion

    compassion Member

    I read Keys to the Kingdom by Senator Bob Graham. Next is Tomotoland by Barry Estabrook.
  14. Wiped Out

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    I love these threads about what everyone is reading because I get such good ideas. I've been mostly reading free books on my kindle lately. Some of them are good others not so much. We just got our book club list for the next nine months and the books include:

    Enrique's Journey

    Sarah's Key

    Bliss Remembered


    Bossy Pants

    Cutting for Stone

    Second Glance

    Happiness Project

    I don't know much about these books but am looking forward to reading them as our group usually does a great job of choosing books.
  15. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    DDD, you'll have to let me know what you think about "Miss Peregrine". My son and I both loved it, but then we're both a little weird too.
  16. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    husband and I listened to Bossy Pants on tape and really liked it.
    I've got to get Miss Peregrine. Sounds super interesting.
    Thanks guys....coooool thread! :)
  17. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Donna, I promised to let you know. It will be the second week in October before I get the book.

    Mutt, I notice that you are reading older books as well. Some of my favorites from the past are: Forever Amber. the series Winds of War, War & Rembrances (can't remember the third, lol, nor am I sure the order but thoroughly enjoyed those, and a huge favorite series (although the last was a bit of a let down) that beginss with Clan of the Cave Bear. Perhaps you or other family members have missed those. The Clan is so different that it takes awhile to even begin to "get it" but husband and our adult reading children loved it also. DDD
  18. muttmeister

    muttmeister Well-Known Member

    There is a new book in the Clan of the Cave Bear series. It is The Land of Painted Caves (Jean Auel). I haven't read it yet but, as I've read all of the others, I'm sure I'll get to it eventually.

    For several years I've been reading down the list of Time magazine's 100 best books. I'm nearly to the end of the list so now I've started on the list from 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. I find I've read more of the old ones than the newer ones. I love those kinds of lists. With some of the books, I wonder why in the world they are on the list but I've also discovered some real gems that way.
  19. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I didn't know that she had added to the series. We all adored the first book, were riveted by the second book and then...were not greatly impressed by the third. Now we'll look forward to the fourth and keep our fingrs crossed.
  20. muttmeister

    muttmeister Well-Known Member

    Actually, this is the 6th one:
    1. The Clan of the Cave Bear, 1980
    2. The Valley of Horses, 1982
    3. The Mammoth Hunters, 1985
    4. The Plains of Passage, 1990
    5. The Shelters of Stone, 2002
    6. The Land of Painted Caves, 2011