What can she be thinking?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Steph called husband today. She was at the courthouse because she is going to get emancipated. She's 18 years and 9 months old. She isn't registered for school. Why would she need to be emancipated. Oh...and she's under the delusion that the child support will now go to her. I don't know who she has been listening to. I can't see why at her age she should need to be emancipated. Do any of you know something that I don't?

    Oh and add to that, mother in law called husband. First time they've had a conversation in over a year. mother in law was trying to tell husband about how Steph ran away from them like she did to us. whatever..... Both of them lie. So the only true truth that I can be certain of is that Steph isn't living with them.

    mother in law was telling husband that any child support that she does get, she'll give to him. husband said "Mail it to me." Think Mommy Dearest is under the delusion that everything is fine now. She doesn't know her son very well.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
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    I'm confused. Where is the child support coming from? I thought you were paying it to mother in law?

    Anyway. At 18 she does NOT need to get emancipated. IF she needed to get emancipated and did, then ALL child support would cease except for any amounts that may have been in arrears. Arrearages get paid to whoever was the recipient on the child support order NOT the child.

    Also, if the order states that support is to be paid until the child's 18th birthday OR finishing HS (they usually do), and she is not enrolled in HS, then support should stop.
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    At 18, she is an adult. She doesn't need to be emancipated. As keista said, child support usually continues until the child is 18 or graduates from high school, one or the other, unless there is a court order stating otherwise. I know of people who were able to have the child support continued until the child turned 21 as long as she was a full-time student, but that's rare.

    If your husband has the support deducted from his wages, he needs to contact the county or whoever collects to notify them of the change in circumstances, because the county will leave it up to you to collect from the other party. been there done that.
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    At 18 she is a legal adult and child support should no longer be being paid, unless she is still in hs or husband was behind in his payments for whatever reason and is in the process of catching up. If he has the payments deducted from his paycheck he needs to take steps to stop it asap. Very rarely does support continue into the college years unless the child is enrolled, stays enrolled and there is a special order.
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    husband's support order says to pay until 18 or graduated whichever comes latest.

    husband called support enforcement as soon as he heard that Steph was kicked out. Our case worker said that Steph wasn't registered for school and if she wasn't by the end of the month, support automatically stops. (in my humble opinion I think child support ending is what fueled Steph not living with the in-laws).

    If Steph DOES register for school, mother in law would still get the support because that's what the order says. Maybe Steph is under the delusion that if she's emancipated that she would get the money. Who knows. Who ever knows what a difficult child is thinking??!!

    It's just more of the basic drama that Steph & mother in law thrive on.