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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by missdot, Apr 25, 2007.

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    My difficult child (14)has been in partial for 2 weeks. He is to be discharged probably next week. Partial placement was because of behavior at school, (not participating, homework, disrespect). I said that when he goes back I would like for him to have a TSS. SD and placement are recommending Family based services. While in partial diagnosed with bipolar. Just started medication week ago. Need guidance. Should I ask for BIP? Nobody at SD or Partial has ever said anything about having BIP. I want to be in the know, I feel as if they have jerked my chain long enough! They want a meeting next week for discharge.
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    Does he have an IEP? If he does than I would request a BIP. It seems important to have since school behavior was the reason for the partial. If he does not have an IEP, it is important to send the school a letter stating that you request an evaluation and that will set the wheels rolling for the IEP. The medications could take up to 8 weeks before they are are therapeutic levels. I am surprised that he does not already have a BIP.
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    Thanks we have had an IEP for 2 years. Never had BIP and did not know there was such a thing till this board.
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    Great- you need to ask for a Functional Behavioral Assessment to be done and that a BIP be developed. You can request a meeting to be held for this purpose.
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    <span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> since he has the new bipolar diagnosis i would request a new IEP. you can call the meeting since you are a fully vested team member.

    quick like a bunny i'd get a copy of the latest version of dimitri papolous' THE BIPOLAR CHILD. i know he has recommendations for IEP's in it as well as behavior plans. request the FBA so you can have an effective BIP put in place....it will carry over to next year.

    one thing i would definitely do is step away from the homework wars. let school deal with-him if he refuses to do it. homework is between the school & difficult child. your home is probably enough of a battleground with-o adding this too. also let the school discipline him for what happens at school. just like vegas, what happens in school, stays in school.

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    One more thing TSS or no TSS? This board has helped me so much I can not even tell you --------thanks everyone.
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    That is something you could discuss at the meeting. Do you think he needs a TSS? Everyone has different needs.
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    I agree with Oceans and Kris - request the IEP team meet to do an FBA and discuss how his new diagnosis may be affecting his school behavior. I'm suprised your son has not been referred for a BIP yet.

    In regards to a TSS, that's a team call. I don't mean the IEP team. I think you need to think about it, how will difficult child react to someone being there with him all the time. Will it embarras him and cause him to become more frustrated, or will he look at it as a tremendous help and mentor? Get his psychiatrist's take on it as well. If you decide this is a viable option, you will probably have to convince the team. Prepare yourself well, make sure you are clear on the law and clear on exactly why this "expense" is necessary. That's the way the school will look at this - an expense.

    Make sure you make it necessary!