what is the rotc that everyone speaks of


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I looked on the abb. pages but didn't see it, seems like some people have had to send their difficult child's to an ROTC?


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I think you mean Residential Treatment Center (RTC) = Residential Treatment Center.


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Do you have any idea it took me to work that one out. I did manage in the end, but seriously - it took me at least six months. We just don't have anything like that in Australia.



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<span style="color: #663366"> Residential Treatment Center (RTC) refers to residential treatment centers. ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corp....it is a program offered in middle school (i think), high school & college. it prepares young people interested in the military for *the life*. they can also get scholarships through the program.

i suspect it the residential programs you're asking about tho.

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What are you looking for, Amy? Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placements in this state, have to be either ordered by a psychiatrist and/or court ordered.