What is your guilty secret?


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What do you like to do that you don't exactly share with others in the real world?

For me it's my obsessive interest in watching real life cop and inmate shows. I have been watching Investigative Discovery every night for years and, on weekends, Lock Up. This is especially strange because I'm not a big TV fan and this is about the only stuff I watch. And I don't watch CSI shows because they are fictional and therefore not always realistic. I also like to read true crime. I have no idea why. Jumper would watch with me sometimes and claims it is partly what got her interested in going into Criminal Law.

I also love to take baths while reading, even with my Kindle. Fortunately, I have never dropped my Kindle into the water. My paper books all have water spots on them.

Anyone else have guilty secrets?


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My guilty secret? Not a 'guilty' secret, but a private thing...

Logging on to this site, reading along and posting. Haha.
I haven't shared this site with H or any of the kids.
It's my private way of coping with my son.
I can share things on here that I can't share with anyone else.


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I share your interest in true crime. H and the kids say that mom is watching/reading how to kill your spouse and get away with it again. I enjoy the psychological aspects and the forensics. Recently, I have been working with baby boy, who is taking Honors Chem, and I never took chem at all. I find that I am now able to understand more of the forensic stuff on Forensic Files. I originally planned to be a criminal defense attorney but when I volunteered at Legal Aid and met the clients, I decided to do civil litigation instead. I know that sounds terrible but I was only 20 years old at the time and pretty sheltered. That might be why I enjoy this genre so much. I can't stand CSI, Criminal Minds frightens the crud out of me but I love true crime.

My other secret is that I lie to my daughter about how much Diet Coke I drink because I can't stand her lectures!

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Oh, man. At first I thought you meant the really secret stuff.



I post about pretty much everything bad that I do.

Whenever I have time, I am addicted to Vanderpump Rules.

I would be Lisa Vanderpump if I could.

I love the way she comports herself, the way she responds to attacks and inappropriate behavior with such cool courage and no shame or self blame, yet remains wholehearted.

I even love the way she dresses, and have become quite the diva, parading around in high heels and cleavage down to here.

Oh, wait.

That part isn't true. I have no high heels.

Come to think of it, I have no cleavage, either.




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I'm with Lucy. Hubby knows I'm on some kind of a site, and I tell him some things I learn here, but he has no idea where "here" is.

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I'm pretty much an open book-not a lot of secrets at all. A funny one is that I consider myself a popcorn snob! If it isn't popped in oil (prefer olive oil), white (don't care for the yellow as much), and have real butter on it (slightly burnt is best) then I don't like it and most of the time I won't eat it! I don't even consider microwave popcorn real popcorn. I also don't eat popcorn at the movies because it isn't good enough (unless it's the one theater that actually uses real butter and has white popcorn.


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I liked your post about the popcorn WO. :)
I'm a tea snob. It's got to be Earl Grey and it's got to be in a teapot with a cup and saucer.
Starbucks tea is like piss. I HATE Starbucks. They have no idea how to serve tea.
Why would they think I'd want to pay over £2 for a teabag floating in a mug of hot water?

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It's got to be Earl Grey and it's got to be in a teapot with a cup and saucer.

When I drink tea, Earl Grey is always my choice.

In the morning, when I am up here posting away to you all, I am drinking freshly brewed coffee from a beautifully patterned teapot that I fill and bring up.

Also, cup and saucer for me, or it doesn't taste at all the same.



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If it's going to be cup and saucer... for me, that means fine china. And yes, tea tastes better that way. I like plain old high-quality pure "Ceylon" black tea.


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Book hoarding. I love books...the feel of them, the smell, the weight of the words...a conservative estimate of my collection, of many different genres, numbers close to a thousand. There's only a few I haven't yet read. My collecting started early, back in the 60's, when I was about 5, with Nancy Drew books. I have both the blue covers (from the 30's and the 50's) and the yellow covers (from the 60's and 70's).

My Hubby is not thrilled at my hoarding, especially since we live in a little house with bookcases full to bursting everywhere.


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Book hoarding. I love books
Me too!
Luckily we have quite a big, old house, so there's plenty of storage space.
Actually that's probably a bad thing as, if we lived in a new, small, modern house I would have to get rid of some of the books.
If H ever bought me a kindle or similar e-reading thing I would divorce him.


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I'm in the market for a guilty secret! Ha!
I suppose, I have a few, and yep, coming onto this site a lot is probably one.
I have gone through phases of book hoarding, but not as much lately.
I do get a gel French Manicure every two to three weeks and am almost addicted to it... Not much of a secret though.
And sometimes, especially when stressed or overtired, I'll buy two or three fashion magazines and lay in bed and just admire the clothes and make up.
I suppose I've got to get more creative and come up with something!!!! Thanks for the idea!


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Amazon lightning deals! I check them every day and often buy something. Husband said I was keeping Amazon in business single-handedly.

It has gotten worse since I discovered that with Amazon Prime most of the clothes and shoes have free returns. So I constantly buy something and most of the time end up sending it back. Or order the same item in three sizes, keep the one that fits, and send the others back.

It really is easier, though, to shop from home than having to drive to the mall and try stuff on.


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My secret that I don't exactly like to broadcast is I'm a reality show junkie. And I do really mean "Junk" reality. I have been known to watch full seasons of shows such as Jersey Shore, Hoarders, and Honey Boo Boo. My kids make fun of me and call my shows stupid. I do agree with them in that they are stupid but entertaining for me at least. I don't tell my coworkers, family, or friends about the shows I watch. They already tend to not take me seriously, and I think I would lose intellectual points with most of them if they knew about my reality show obsessions. My kids know, and now so do all of you, but I am still keeping it secret from everybody else!


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I like to get a monthly pedicure. Seems so frivolous. But feels so great. Husband would wig if he knew I did them. I work and work very hard, he's on disability.