What kind of tests & when should I receive results

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    Our SD was to test my 16 y/o for auditory processing problems. Are there certain tests recommended for this? From what my son told me, I don't think they did the test that they discussed with me. I don't recall the name of the test they discussed. The results were sent to other schools he might attend but I haven't received the results or had them discussed with me. Is there a certain amount of days after testing that we should be notified of the results?
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    It's been my personal experience that school districts like to use Speech Language Pathologists to test for auditory processing problems. This is actually the domain of an Audiologist with a subspecialty in Auditory Processing Disorders (APD).

    School districts do not usually have audiologists on staff and do not typically have the sophisticated equipment required to administer the testing, even if they did have an audiologist.

    The report should be provided to you prior to an IEP meeting. (You may have to insist upon it.)

    If you do not agree with the sd's report/findings, you may request an IEE.
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    my difficult child was tested by SD a few weeks ago.
    IEP was last week. School psychologist was there. Although I have not seen anything in writing, she discussed the tests and the results. She told me his auditory skills were superior. visual below average..and some other test results. But they must of done some kind of auditory processing test. She noted in the meeting that she observed difficult child closing his eyes, covering his eyes and putting his head down during the auditory portion of the test.
    I asked if they did an IQ test she said Yes.
    These are the tests they gave him. I DID have to sign a consent to have him tested, and these were the tests listed on the consent form.
    This is what she tested: (again, different for each state or SD??)

    cognitive Abilities - Woodcock Johnson III tests of cognitive abilities

    Academic achievement - WIAT - II Weschler indivicual Acheivement test

    Behavior - BASC - Rating Scales