What not to watch (at least for me)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Roxona, May 11, 2016.

  1. Roxona

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    My husband likes to watch TV in the evening...well...he would watch TV all the time if life didn't get in the way! :) Anyhow, we've been watching a show and finally ran out of episodes to watch, so he spent some time clicking around, looking for something new. I'm not much into TV. In fact, if we didn't have one, I wouldn't miss it. However, I will sit in the living room and do some hand stitching or play on Pinterest while he's watching to keep him company.

    Well, he started watching Breaking Bad, and oh my word! I could feel the anxiety building up in me every minute it was on. After the second episode ended, I had to tell him to stop...that I couldn't watch it anymore. The younger character dresses, walks and acts just like J. We live in Albuquerque, so all of it hit way close to home!

    This show is listed as #3 in the BEST TV series category! To me, I can't find anything remotely entertaining about it. All it made me want to do is cringe and cry.

    So...(pulling all of my emotions together now)...since we are in the market for a new series, does anyone have any suggestions? Mind you, we have watched quite a few, but all suggestions are welcome.
  2. TheWalrus

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    I LOVED Breaking Bad so not sure if you would want my suggestions but...

    The Sopranos
    The United States of Tara
    Walking Dead
    The Big C
    Nurse Jackie
    Big Love
    Grey's Anatomy
    Better Call Saul

    I guess I like TV, too. ;)
  3. Lil

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    Jabber and I are complete nerds, so it's hard to make suggestions. We watch mostly scifi type things and very few series - mostly movies.. The ones we do watch are:

    Game of Thrones
    The Walking Dead
    Fear the Walking Dead (Not as good as the original)
    Lucifer (new this season and over, so you'd have a hard time finding it)

    I never miss Criminal Minds; the only crime drama we watch.
    I used to watch Bones, but lost track.

    Big Bang Theory - the only sitcom
  4. KTMom91

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    I admit it...I like TV. A lot.

    Hubby watches sci-fi stuff mainly, but I usually don't pay attention, unless ghosts or history is involved.

    I watch:
    The Big Bang Theory
    Hawaii Five-O
    Shark Tank
    The Odd Couple
    Who Do You Think You Are?

    And assorted ghost hunting shows and stuff on the History Channel.
  5. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    I had a hard time watching Breaking Bad at the beginning but got past the drug tie in and ended up liking it a lot.

    I watch Bates right now and the story line and acting are incredible.

    Also the love she has for her son and the way she tries to protect him has brought me to tears many times as I think of my own son.

    There's only one episode left this season and I'm SO SAD about it!!

    Love Dateline, 48 Hours and 20/20.

    We also enjoy tonight's TV:
    In the Middle
    The Goldbergs
    Modern Family

    However when it's nice out we're outside with the dogs, cooking out, drinking wine and having a good ole' time!
  6. Roxona

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    It's not the violence that bothers me per se. I like Game of Thrones and Vikings. I enjoyed Sopranos and Deadwood. I think it's because the setting is in my town and the idea that my "baby" could have possibly been involved in that type of activity, especially since meth was his drug of choice...I think that is what is so disturbing to me.

    My hubby is a sci-fi geekoid. We've watched every...single...Star Trek...episode...back to back. After that I made him pick something different, so we watched Hart of Dixie and Army Wives. They're total chick series, but he loved them, and I think I became found of them as well. We've watched every superhero series. We just finished Grimm, which I liked too. Vikings and Deadwood would have to be my favorites out of all of them though.

    I love period films and BBC stuff...hubby doesn't like BBC, although he did like Sherlock.

    You guys listed a lot of series I haven't heard of, so I think tonight I'll bring your lists to dear hubby. :)
  7. Tanya M

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    I have Netflix and really enjoy it. I can watch when I want and there is a good variety, although when I first got it the options seemed so limited. I Googled why do I only get a few choices and always the same. It was because I wasn't "rating" things I watched. They suggested I just go in and start rating anything and everything, WOW did that work.

    Anyway, I really enjoy it.
    I just finished watching the TV series "Parenthood"
    I also enjoyed "Heartland" but waiting for the last two seasons.
    Hell on Wheels
    Midsomer Murders (british show)
    Royal Pains

    These are just a few I like, plus there are tons of movies, there's lots to choose from on Netflix.
  8. Roxona

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    I didn't know that, Tanya! *runs off to start rating everything!!!!*