What questions do you ask potential providers?????

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    References (Biggie!!)- more than one- like three. Years of experience, ages, gender, and any particular issues of kids she's watched. What sort of things did they while she was watching them, does she feed them meals/snacks on a schedule or when kid asks, how many kids does she watch at once. Does she keep them in her place or yours, if she's sick or has an appointment., does she have a fill-in or are you out-of-luck? Does she expect certain days/times off- if so when,

    You could also give hypothetical situations and asked what would she do if Beaner had a meltdoen or whatever.

    Just to name a few!!
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    First and foremost, is she licensed (in most states I THINK you can check their licenses). How many kids does she care for - infants vrs toddlers. References. Do you bring his food or does she supply. You will have to, I think, tell her of Beaners problems so she is not blindsided, cause last thing you want on a new job is having to leave to deal with kidlet issues.

    I think I would rather meet with her in her home, vrs a coffee shop to check out the premises. Who else is on the premises while she is watching kids.

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    PS Line up a back up just in case. I thought I'd found the perfect "grandma" type person to watch my difficult child when he was a baby. Everything checked out and she seemed great. She turned out to be ONE BIG NUT!!
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    References are HUGE. Make sure you check each one and that at least 3 are listed.

    Years of experience, what types of children she's watched. (any special needs)

    Do you pay at the beginning of the week or end of week? (mine always paid me the monday prior to the week I was to watch the child)

    Do they work holidays or weekends?

    Is there a back up sitter for when she's sick? (yes I had one)

    Will she take Beaner when he's sick? (mild sickness such as low fever, cold, ect)--- I did this for the kids I watched.

    Daily routine?

    Means of dicipline?

    How many children does she watch per shift?

    Is she CPR certified? Licensed by the state?

    Does she turn her income in for taxes? (determines cash or check payment usually)

    What would she do in case of emergency? Make sure you have all of Beaner's docs and phone numbers listed for her along with a list of medications.

    But what I think most important of all..... If Beaner acts in the slightest way like he doesn't like her, forget it. Kids usually have an uncanny sense about such things. Don't ask him, just watch his reaction to her ect.