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difficult child is being placed back at SD on Monday from Partial. Out of curiousity for others who have done partial, I have a question. Is it usual for the psychiatric at partial to see your child and not talk at all with you. I mean what does a 14 year old know? It was like they could take his word and not talk to me his MOM and ask me the behaviors or issues that I am having. If anyone knows this child and what is going on with him isn't it me? This to me was a joke. Each week he saw a different psychiatric, out of the 4 times he saw one, only one called because I insisted. Each week I asked is the psychiatric going to call to staff, they never responded, and the psychiatric never called. How was this helping? Is this the way it works?


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when ant was under 16, I placed him in Southwood Children's psychiatric hospital in bridgeville, PA. against his will. I learned that since he was over age 14 in PA they did not have to tell me a thing. no one even asked for my input. a psychiatrist there told me it was up to ant to tell me if he wanted to. he placed us in a room together and told ant to talk to me if he wanted to.

I told ant I was not taking him home til I learned the diagnosis. period.

it was drug abuse. they recommended partial hospital and ant refused. in fact when we left the facility, ant climbed over the back seat up to me in the passenger seat and was wrestling with me. I had my then husband pull over and told ant he was going right back if he didnt let us drive home in safety.

very frustrating.


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Welcome to the ugly world of Hippa. Many states (including PA, I believe) prohibit giving information to so-called third parties (such as parents) without the signed consent of patients as young as 14 years old. I had an easier time getting info about my elderly father than many parents have about their minor children. Even if the parents are ultimately responsible for the bill!