What works in schools


Please post what has worked or is working for your child in school! Thanks!


What's worked for my 9 year old difficult child is:

Classroom modifications: His desk is next to another student who is very bright and willing to help out (if he gets done early or sees difficult child needs help, he will help him figure out what to do).

The teacher makes a list of all the tasks involved in an assigment on the blackboard (ie. read page 10, answer the questions, put your paper on the teacher's desk, etc.). This way Andy can check for himself what he needs to do next.

When the kids are working on an assignment, the teacher will walk around the room and occasionally check on Andy to see how he is doing and if he needs redirection.

Special transportation: It is difficult for Andy to remain in his seat on the bus, so he now rides in a van provided by the school with a few other children with "behavior problems". There are two riders on the bus with five children.

Andy also receives one-on-one help with reading, writing, math, and speech and language skills. This has helped him tremendously in keeping up with his class. He misses a lot in his regular classroom because his mind wanders.

I am really excited about next school year. He will be attending his brother's school (third grade goes to a different school). At this school they have a homework program after school (yippee - no more battles!).

We have arranged for the school counselor to check with Andy when he arrives at school and right before he leaves to make sure that he has his homework assignment and books, that his assignment is done, and that he has everything he needs (lunch box, jacket). This will be a good transitioning period for him on his way into the school and on his way out of the school. She will also be available to help him with schoolwork when he falls behind the rest of his class (if he cannot focus or gets frustrated).

As you can probably tell, we live in a pretty small town so the school can provide a lot more (approximately 20 kids in a classroom).

Divorced,working mom with 9yo difficult child diagnosed at age 5. He is on Wellbutrin and Tenex. Have also tried Ritalin, dexedrine, and clonidine.
Also have 10 yo easy child.
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Wow! You do have a lot of support! That's great! I wish all schools could provide help like that. We have done some experimenting with the aides checking in with a student first thing every morning to see what kind of morning they are having. It seems to work great! Thanks for the reply!