What's up for New Year's Eve?


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We don't do anything and I usually I fall asleep before 12. I even did that on Y2K (remember that?).

But what are you all up to? Anyone going out? Having company? Going to a party?


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Not a darn thing. Jabber just went out to get food (we ordered out from a nice place...I didn't feel like going out...and we'll likely watch some TV and hopefully be phone-call free.


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We're in for the evening.....already in our "at home wear" munching on some cheese and crackers.........listening to quiet music........later we'll watch the festivities at midnight and then turn in. My favorite kind of night, uneventful, peaceful, safe and happy......

Happy New Year!! :happy_new_year:


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I never did do much on New Years Eve. I guess hub and I will watch movies until, like usual, I fall asleep...lol. We have some munchies :)


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:happy_new_year:Last night we had friends for dinner, and that was nice.

Tonight, well, I've cleaned out several book shelves. I have way too many books. I have four boxes to bring to Goodwill now.

I'm reading a new book on weight loss. I tend to do this almost every January as I also tend to over eat in Nov. And Dec. sigh.

Soon, I'll join my hubby to watch exciting New Years stuff on TV and then we will have a toast and go to bed.

But...I actually love New Years!!!! A chance to reflect and set goals.
Tomorrow, I'll write down my goals, clean a few more shelves, and my home office. I'll be deep in thought about my goals for the year and the best ways to get them accomplished.

I find this time reflective and exciting...all at the same time.

Happy New Year!!! Blessings!!!!


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Hubby is working out of town, so it's just me and the animals tonight. The dog is sleeping on the couch next to me, my panther is on the back of the couch kicking me in the head occasionally, and the other cats are laying around looking bored.

I've had my shrimp cocktail with wonderfully soft French bread, and I'm watching Shark Tank. I have my twelve grapes to eat at midnight and I'm ready to open the door and let the New Year in!


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Watched the beginning of the London firework display on TV and fell asleep at 12.03 a.m.

It's now 11 a.m. and my head feels like it's crammed full of cookie dough.


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We had friends over. Eating, drinking, fireworks, all that stuff. Few stayed the night, because they had bit too much to drink so it didn't feel like a bright idea to let them walk home alone (it is cold and all, not a good idea to pass out or stumble and hurt yourself and be left to outside) and we can never get cabs to our backwoods during bigger festive. We had a late breakfast with them and husband just came home from driving them home, after we were sure he was in legal condition to drive, good thing we did, he was breathalysed twice and only drove less than 10 miles all together. Of course at days like this police tries to have as many breathalyse spots as possible both on big roads and as a surprise also in small roads that people who are not sure about their condition may try to drive to avoid the breathalyse checks.

It was a nice night. We seem to have time way too seldom to have rumbustious nights with old friends. And of course our old friends have even less time for those. We were early in starting family in our societies standards. Most of our friends had their kids good decade later than us, so they are currently driving around like mad to take one kid to that sport or music meet and other to that and helping third with homework and trying to get all the things they need so that they can spend their night baking for that bake sale for their kid's class week long field trip abroad in three years. And quite a few have kids still in diapers. In fact one of my High School pals just told us last night that she is pregnant and they will have one more kid in May. So nights like this are few and far between nowadays for us. And because old age doesn't come alone, I doubt we could make it much more often anymore. Those two week party benders before Walburgis night and one day rest after before heading to your summer internship all bright eyed have somehow turned to one night of partying and two weeks of recovery time :D


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In bed with Gizmo and Nyla. Gizmo is on high alert due to the fireworks. He keeps running to the end of the bed to see where all the ruckus is coming from.


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The only time we had any here was Y2K.

As it is below zero with the wind chill, it wouldn't have been a big hit tonight anyhow :)

Where is that weather thread???


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In bed with Gizmo and Nyla. Gizmo is on high alert due to the fireworks. He keeps running to the end of the bed to see where all the ruckus is coming from.
I detest fireworks (the at-home artist) for what the noise does to all the fur-babies. We have a set of neighbors across the street with three kids who are throwing away their retirement on expensive and expansive fireworks displays at different times through out the year. I don't understand why they just don't burn the cash :rolleyes: I wish that is were legal for me to go freak their kids out a few times a year to teach them a lesson on how our babies feel LOL

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Well, we had a fight.

Then, friends stopped over.

Then, I went somewhere.

Then I came home and we finished our fight, escalating beyond repair.

So, we went to bed.


That's married, folks.


Today we are deciding who was wrong. But since everyone already knows it was husband, those have been very short conversations.



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husband and I got take out from our favorite Italian restaurant and rented the Equalizer. I wasn't sure I'd like that movie but it turned out to be pretty good.

We were both asleep by 11. It's record cold temperatures here the last couple of days so of course when we woke up this morning the furnace was dead. At least we have a couple of good little portable heaters to get us through until the repair guy can get here tomorrow.

Saw this and thought you guys might appreciate it.