what's your workout plan?

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  1. 1905

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    I'm wondering what everyone is doing besides dieting? I always had trouble just dieting alone, once I got down to where I wanted, I would slowly regain the same stupid 8 pounds or so. Recently, I started running. At first it was hard, but only for a week or so. Now it's fun, I've also been boxing -I joined a boxing gym! This is really unlike me, but It's fun. I hope I can keep it up. What's working for everyone else? Thanks, Alyssa

    Focusing on not weighing myself is also a big help.
  2. trinityroyal

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    Alyssa, great to hear from you.

    I'm glad that you've found some exercises that work for you. I love to run, and boxing sounds like fun. I've heard that it can be a great workout.

    We've been clearing out our basement in preparation for a yard sale, so my treadmill (where I usually run) has been a staging and storage area for months. I can't wait until the sale this weekend, when I can have my treadmill back.

    For the last several months, my workout plan has consisted of Ballroom and Latin dance classes 3x per week, and the occasional Pilates workout when I can fit one in. The dance classes are great. I have so much fun and I am concentrating so hard on learning the new steps and routines that I don't really notice that I'm working out.

    A friend of mine who has been Salsa dancing for a few years has introduced me to a Salsa dancing network in my city. They host events at different dance clubs all over town, and offer lots of free or low-cost lessons. It's a blast.

    I have no idea what I weighed before I started, and I have no idea what I weigh now. I don't want to know, because the numbers just do my head in. I can tell that I've slimmed down and toned up, and that's good enough for me.
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    Alyssa-The boxing sounds like fun. I've never been much of a runner because the few times I've tried my back ends up killing me.

    Trinity-I love all the dancing you've been doing-how did your recent competition go?

    For me, most of my working out is done at the health club. We have a free membership because husband teaches a class there. On my cardio only days I do 25 minutes of interval biking and 15 minutes on the elliptical. On my weight days I do about 40 minutes of weights followed by 30 minutes of cardio-usually the bike but sometimes the elliptical.

    I also try to add some walking in with my dog or during the school year sometimes at lunch.
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    Trinity: Dancing, that is very cool! I agree it's enough knowing you're working out, and seeing progress- it doesn't matter how much the scale says.

    Wiped Out: That sounds like fun, too. You must be strong, 40 min. of weight lifting, good for you!

    I forgot, I'm on Dragonboat team- I row with a team of breast cancer survivors! It's fun! we just got back from competing in Vermont- We came in last place every race, but it was such fun! We're not hard chargers, we take it easy. -Alyssa
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    Alyssa-The Dragonboat team sounds so cool! What a fun way to get in your exercise! by the way, I'm not so strong but I'm working on it-I try to do weights three times a week.
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    I can't exercise effectively, my body just won't do it. I do what I can, though. While we were away, I did more walking than usual and also played table tennis with difficult child 3 a couple of times a day. I'm fairly good at table tennis but I still need to be careful I don't overdo it and suddenly collapse to the floor because my legs say, "That's it! We've reached our limit!"

    I do some gardening when I can, not a lot at the moment.

    The best thing is the Wii Fit. It's really good. I need to get back on it, see what IT says my weight is. I don't trust my bathroom scales.

    Maybe tomorrow...

  7. Nomad

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    All of my friends who are runners and watch their food intake do very well. I have never been able to run, due to health concerns.

    However, I do exercise regularly.

    I'm not sure I would recommend my program to someone in optimum health. However, I am actually very proud of it. The reason I say this is because I have health concerns that vary week to week AND because I have gone back to school, I have some weeks that are very much over the top in terms of my schedule. So, I am juggling a lot of different things and have learned to be aware and have learned to be flexible. Perhaps it is a good idea to be flexible...depending on ones circumstances.

    I do belong to a gym, and I tend to go about three times a week. On a good week, I go four times. I also have a treadmill at home and when I'm really rushed or not feeling well, I use it for about 20 minutes instead of going to the gym. Right now, what I usually do is cardio for 35 mins. 3 (usually) to 4 times a week and I use the strength training machines for an additional 20 mins. 2x a week. My alternative strength training (when rushed or not feeling well) is that I lift light weights for about 10 minutes.
    In the cooler months, husband and I often add walks to the local store or with our dog (on top of going to the gym, etc.).
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    I have none right now. I am afraid with the high blood pressure.

    But, I will get that under control. So, I am signing up for some classes at work.
    Step & scult 2x a week and Yoga 2x a week.
    I will also have access to a treadmill, stair climber, etc. at work for free - so I will need to add those to my routine soon.

    Boxing sounds like a blast! Imagine the frustrations you get rid of!

    Good for you!
  9. trinityroyal

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    Sounds like everyone has found a workout routine that's working well. I think that flexibility and knowing your body are the keys to success. Push to hard, risk injury and a layoff from working out, which makes it so much harder to get back on track. Good for all of you.

    The competition was wonderful. I won't know exactly how I did until I get the judging results tomorrow, but I had SO MUCH FUN!

    I kept telling myself that I was there to experiment with what I've learned so far, not to win a trophy, and it seemed to have worked. I was just nervous enough to "sparkle", but not scared enough to fall down. And I DID get a little trophy after all. It was great!

    (husband is editing the videos he took of me. When he's done, I will post Trinity Royal Dancin' Fool part 2.)

  10. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad the competition was so much fun-I can't wait to see the video:)
  11. Genny

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    I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Trying to up it to 3-4x. I do weight training and cardio - intervals on the bike or treadmill (walking. I find it hard to run unless someone id chasing me!). The treadmills have a great pre-programmed interval program that's 30 minutes long and increased/decreases the speed and incline throughout. So I get my heartrate way up, then recover, then do it again. I'm drenched in sweat by the end.

    I'm a firm believer in weight training, but I've recently learned the secret for me is three sets. I used to do a bunch of weight machines, one set on each, sometimes two. I now focus on 3 or 4 machines (either upper or lower body), and do three sets on each one (I'll do a set on each machine, then repeat two more times). I've noticed a huge difference since I started doing it this way. I've noticed more definition in my arms and shoulders, and I can increase the weight every couple weeks.

    There's a new franchise in town that a friend and I want to try - pole dancing for fitness! :hellosoldier:

  12. LittleDudesMom

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    Right now, with summer here and my schedule vastly different than during the school year, I'm hitting the gym 6 to 7 times a week for water fitness. The past month or so it's been about 4-5 high impact classes, a finning class, and some laps per week.

    When the kids go back to school I will probably do five classes a week plus to days of weight machines.

    Trinity, can't wait to here about the dancing results!!!!

  13. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I am getting back into exercise again now that the girls are both in school! I have been doing 20-35 minutes on the eliptical about 10-15 minutes of stomach and arms then swimming for around 20 minutes. I am also doing long stretching and yoga at the end.
    I have been swimming for about 2 weeks since we have been here. I just started the workout on Monday! I hope I can keep it up! I am also cutting calories, still having my ice cream every couple of nights or so!!!
    You guys are very motivating!