when do you give your difficult child his/her medications?



My difficult child II is on Lexapro and Abilify, Dr. tells me to give him medications at dinner time, now Dr. at ER seemed to think he should have abilify in the AM, but when we forgot one night and gave it to him in the AM he could hardly stay awake, any thoughts?



My son is a lot younger than yours, but we give him Abilify at dinner time as when we first started it he would zonk for 2-3 hours if given in the morning. Blessed thing is, when it's bed time, there is never an argument because he is ready to go down for a good nights sleep. Before starting this medication he went through a long period of time where he would get out of bed and run around screaming and laughing his head off. Now its a bed time story or 2 and he's asleep within 10-15 min.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
My psychiatrist started us on the Abilify in the a.m. but difficult child was so tired... I talked to her pediatrician, who is wonderful, and we moved it to p.m. Now that she is up a little on her dose and comfortable on it we give it to her bid. She seem fine now but I don't think I would give it to her all in the a.m. From what I have read, some people it amps them up and others it makes them sleepy.
I would talk to your prescribing doctor and see what they think?