Why do we have to sue?

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  1. We are all looking at each other. Do the behavior last or will she turn back into her old ways?

    At the present time we don't know and I have been exploring options.

    Our local school system have very few options. Our neighborhood and our economy still suffers from the hurricane. A lot of buildings have never been fixed.

    So the option of a private school could be a solution, but here is the catch. We have to sue every single step of the way to get our expenses reimbursed. At the local school district they claim they have options, but the problem is really not there. It is the peers within the school and they are on the constant lookout for drugs in the classes.

    Whenever a private school is founded various watch-organizations wants to shut them down. It happened with our local Residential Treatment Center (RTC) here in Lucedale, which was a wonderful boys school and the girls school over in Petal.

    When I was looking for court cases where parents have sued for reimbursement, I found yet another article in Time Magazine about an old school with a good reputation run by one of the largest firms in the country under fire.


    I wonder if we parents will run out of options at one point and have to settled with our prison system.

    We have almost no money for a lengthy case in court. If we choose a private school and loose the case we will be loosing everything.
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    What about homeschooling your daughter? We resorted to that when our daughter was so out of control.

    I don't know your story - but based on this post I assume that she is having peer difficulties. My daughter did too. Drugs were also very available in our public schools - although the school district denied this.

    In the end, (our daughter's senior year) we actually moved out of our home so that our daughter could attend a rural school. It was a drastic move - but her situation required it. In some areas, you have the option of 'school of choice'. You may want to consider that too. We found that the smaller, more rural setting was better (not perfect by any means) for our daughter. The staff and kids were just more down to earth and willing to accept our daughter.

    I would be very surprised that the school system would be required to place your daughter in a private school.
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    In the end sometimes we just have to make the hard choices that our best for our kids, and it's not just this population of students. I'm about to pull one of my kids from the public school because the population of behavioral problems, at-risk, and special needs kids has doubled since we started there and my responsible, academic student is no longer thriving in the environment.

    There's no legal recourse for me, even if I had a big pile of money because on paper it looks like the district has met it's obligation to educate my child. Gifted programs are gone and more and more curriculum choices and resources are favoring the specials groups. I've been a believer in public education and neighborhood schools and this school district and I'm just sick over it but I'll probably be homeschooling or putting her in a private school for this next year.

    In your case, have you brought in an advocate or attorney to push for them to pay for attending a private school setting? I've known of people who have accomplished this without suing after the fact but often they've had help up front. It would be cheaper that way then to go after them later.