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    ok today my 3yr old starts crying all three kids are in the livingroom I ask what happened and difficult child says I bit her I ask why and my son says she didn't do it the puppy did (the puppy was only trying to play) I looked and there wasn't even a mark but I ask difficult child why should would say she bit her sister if she really didn't and she just laughed. why would she say she did that she knows biting will only get you in trouble why would she want to get into trouble? I just don't understand it.

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    1. She thought it was funny and figured someone would "save" her from being punished.

    2. She's so used to being accused for everything, she may as well say she did it.

    Since she was laughing, I'd say she did it as a joke. Sometimes kids just do things for no other reason than they think it's funny.
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    This sounds like something my difficult child would say. In his case it's poor impulse control. He'll often say anything that comes into his head without thinking about how it will affect him or others. It happens so much around here that I have a standard response: "If you tell me you did something wrong, I will believe you, so think before you talk."