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    I am finishing up getting us set for me and son to go to yet another eye appointment, south of us, thru the city.
    One of my brothers had said he might enjoy us stopping somewhere near him en route for lunch or something, but then he seems to have dropped the ball.
    difficult child has said she wants to go with, son is not sure he likes THAT idea. She was a PITA last time she tagged along.

    easy child is hoping we get back pronto, becuz she is starting to get nervous about her trip to Ireland, she leaves end of week, and is getting nervous. (Turns out they will be there 10 days and sleep a different hotel EVERY nite?)

    husband is makeing me slightly nervous, becuz he has been a little more confused of late......
    Son is not happy cuz we hafta take the bug instead of Durango, becuz durango is making a strange noise. I am hoping my own health behaves for the trip espcially since I am taking the bug (stick shift)

    We have a little bit of a tighter schedule to return this time, for my docs appts this coming week.....so when we DO get back home, I will HAVE to hit the ground running to keep up- and usually I get home and collapse. :-(

    I am very glad it does look like we will not encounter any March snow while we are out this time. It has always seemed like we were always doing this trek dureing some intense weather situations.
    I think we are going to lay a small bouquet at the Lane Bryant store while we are there.

    SOmetimes our fav hotel has a computer in the lobby. SOmetimes I use the computer at the hotel lobby, LOL.
    ANyway, have a good SUnday, and if I do not get on a computer till we get back, Have a fun St Pats!
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    Hope your trip goes well......and I'm sure the bug will get better gas mileage than your durango.......
    Travel safely......
  3. ML

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    Have a safe and fun trip. Let us know how your trip goes. ML
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    Wave when you drive past!
  5. dreamer

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    OMG!!!!!!!! The hotel neighborhood seemed "new" (newly built) when we first began coming Dec 05...........then we came weekly for several months, then every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc and now it has been a few months since we have been here....Um.....OMG! there is considerable new and- a LOT of the old has changed, too! It was VERY interesting coming in last nite (alas, MUCHlater than we wanted it to be due to several mini crisises at home)

    If we were not positive of where we were? we might have thought we were elsewhere!
    Then, some weirdness.....Nancy had us thinking "pizza" but. YEESH! at 9 PM we called every pizza place in this local hotel brochure, and they were all already closed for the nite!!!!!

    Even our hotel that was new in 05 asnear as we could tell- has been remodeled.......

    and there is also a LOT of road construction.

    I was very glad we DID have th bug, for first time ever, I forgot to get gas at home, first time I had the gas get low on bug, and we were driving and heard this weird beeeeeep....and we HAD to get gas NOW? ACK! where we were when that happened? Gas was $3.79.9. YIKES.
    It was nice.......leaving on a sunday nite, we had NO traffic and the trip took half as long as it usually does! YAY.

    Well, the lobby is full, I better go get some coffee and get us moving here.

    HAPPY ST PATS DAY --- (we have our green clothes and green bowties etc, LOL and my bug is decked out in greenw window stickee shamrocks)
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    GO IRISH!!!!!!!:peaceful: