Wish me luck


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Guess what? we decided a few weeks ago that we would indeed do our traditional Thanksgiving trip to our little place in North Florida. Another couple will join us on Friday and husband and I will go with them to the FSU vs FL game. (go 'Noles...of course :grin:).

Usually we bring the boys as this is an opening weekend for hunting. This year shall be no different, only we're also going to bring difficult child 1's exgf and baby, and difficult child 2's girlfriend.

Talk about cozy!, Our little place only has 4 bunks,a rollaway, and I'm brining up a queensize airbed. There is only 2 rooms, no door between them, and a bathroom. It does have a full size equipped kitchen though. I rented a hotel room (one of the few to be found due to the game) for Thurs-Sun so me, the baby, and exgf will probably stay there. I don't want the baby to get stepped on by early rising husband and difficult child's.

Wish me luck in that we all get along pretty darn good considering gfgness is abound at my house.

I'm starting to cook today and I'll finish up there. husband will take difficult child 2 and girlfriend this afternoon and drive the 5hrs and I will take difficult child 1, exgf, and baby this evening when she finishes her class and drive up.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.


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You are one brave woman, Sunny. GOOD LUCK! I hope you guys have a wonderful time!



Hope you are having a wonderful time. Gee, I can't help but think back to when you joined... 3 yrs ago already...and when she was preggers...WOW...just amazing how well everything is going for you! Not a traditional family holiday but if it works for everyone...what could be better?