Wish us luck and a bit of relaxing!!!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well I am getting ready to start packing to head to Chi/IN... For father in law surprise Birthday celebration... 60th Gala!!! 150 people I believe. People all weekend, relatives we don't really know etc.
Then fly to Tucson to try and relax for a few days... We will tell difficult child 1 this afternoon, we can not tell her too far in advanced or she will work herself up and spiral out of control, with anxiety etc.

We never heard back from psychiatrist... I called the Only 2 psychiatrists left who had said no before, I thought I would try again, they flat out said NO, they don't even have waiting lists!!! HA HA HA

My support person here who is from the Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health... is trying really hard not to give up... she is blown away.
Her daughter is 17yo and they have only been here for 2 years though, so they have not dealt with the younger side of things.

Anyway we were told to stop by the dept of education in Tucson and chat about difficult child. So we will try and do that and check out some other stuff while we are there as well as try to have a nice time!!! We have not done anything in so long...
As soon as we get back husband goes to court, it was assault on a cop!!! The cab driver took him to the station, he passed out in the back and they dragged him out and started in on him... reaked him out and he tried to defend himself... the station he was at is young rookie cops. A friend of ours works in the dept and was able to find out a lot of info for us...
The only good thing is, is that this took place the same week that all of the other scandles happened in Chicago as well, so it will not look well. But it is still against a cop, and it looks bad, and he doesn't remember much exept being choked.

He is scared, not drinking, stressed... but trying! He still doesn't even know what hospital he was in!!!

Anyway so we really need a little R&R, we all do on this board!!! Wish us luck on this trip... I am really nervous. I am practicing being a nice positive person to mother in law!!! :flower:

I will update when I can!!! We leave in the a.m.!!!


T, sending good thoughts that your trip goes well, and your kids don't melt down. The R&R in Tuscon sounds amazing -- enjoy!

I so understand how hard travel with difficult children is. We were just away for Passover and my father's 75th birthday celebration. We were supposed to stay away until Saturday but came home today because difficult child 1 wasn't handling being away from home. Plus he broke his foot (hit himself by accident in the foot with a alumimum bat -- ouch!) and couldn't stand the restriction of the cast (can you say anxiety and sensory issues?). We ended up going back to the doctor to have the cast removed and replace it with a stiff boot. I think the doctor thought we were nuts, but I'm not sure he's dealt with too many difficult children. Anyway, we're home and difficult child 1 is happier.

Again, hope your trip goes well. Update us when you can. Hugs to you.

You're heading to Chi -- we're heading out of Chi.

Leaving tomorrow afternoon to head to Green Country, aka NE Oklahoma. Hopefully will not look at a computer for 10 days.

Have fun on your trip!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Here we go!!! difficult child was up all night can you say ANXIETY!!! She started hearing angry voices at around 3ish... poor thing.

She can't eat... Looks like we will be using the Valium!

I will updatet he circus when I can!!!