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    I know, you all have as much time as I do, but a friend of my mom's found an article about the author while passing thru a small town in northern Iowa one weekend. The article was about the father of an adopted profoundly autistic boy who is burtally honest about the disorder and his life as a parent. What drew me to buy the book was this father's honesty about his emotions on this roller coaster. In the article, he didn't sugar coat anything, including himself. He admits to losing his temper, screaming, and being overly frustrated - in other words, a far cry from a saint for being a parent of a challenging child (which, personally, I can SO identify with, but its so taboo to say so).

    The book is wonderful. The boy was abused in foster care and is non-verbal, which further complicates his situation, but the story, which is still unfolding as the boy in the book is only a teen at this point, is wonderful. He also struggles with society's limits on caring for people strictly based on genetic lineage - he thinks we all have a responsibility to help these children, "relatives" or not.

    Anyway, if you are so inclined, check out "Reasonable People" by Frank Savarese.

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    Thanks for the suggestion & review, Shari. It sounds like a good read! And welcome back, we've missed you. Any update?