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<font color="purple">Hi everyone, I don't post in here very much, actually not been posting awhole lot of much lately. I find that when my life gets turned upside down and chaos is overwhelming me I do the opposite of what I should do and that is to stay put and post here. Anyways....I guess I'm just weird like that, I have no real excuse!</font>

<font color="purple">Anyways, since difficult child came back home from foster care, he's been at my place and at his dad's. I can't say his actual living residence is here nor there. Anyways...things are not going so great! Most of the time they suck. He can push my buttons until I get so mad. Take for instance two days ago when I left. He was bugging his sister A to go for a walk, she said no repeatedly. He hates walking alone. Anyways, he asked me and I also said no. I hate the cold, did not want to go out.</font>

<font color="purple">The girls use to walk with him when the bullies use to harass him so badly. That's stopped though, THANK GOD! And that's another long interesting story. Anyways...one day he came home for a visit for foster care and he asked me if I had ever heard of a drug called mercury? I said no, never heard of it. He was offered it from a classmate, but he says he refused. I have no idea if he really did so I have no choice but to take his word for it.</font>

<font color="purple">Now, what I'm wondering is what drugs have you heard of? Around here, there's various pills, like dilaudid, adderall, ritalin, and LSD. There's cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and marijuana straight or laced with cocaine. Some people have also put alcohol in a needle and shot it up to get the high immediately. This is crazy to me, but then I'm not into drugs.~shrugs~</font>

<font color="purple">For me, the worse of all these seems to be fast addictive drugs, like heroin, crystal meth and cocaine. What do you have in your area that scars the bejeepers out of you?</font>

<font color="purple">BonnieJean</font>


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Crack Cocaine and Heroin scare the crap out of me.
We also have X...Extascy and alot of prescription drugs like Vicodin and Xanax being abused.

I guess we are losing the so-called "War On Drugs"..... :hammer:


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Yes we are LOST in the war on drugs.

The teens around here are into prescription drugs, that is what is passed around school

Once they get out of school, meth and cocaine are the killers.
I think pretty much anyone can find pot about anywhere here.

Wish ole president Bush would open his eyes and see how many lives are affected by drug use in U.S. not only the user but the families like us that deal we the user


What scares me is Triple C. That's what mine OD'd on last Feb. It's on all the shelves here. Kids steal it left and right but the stores don't do anything about it, just put more on the shelf. At the price they get for it they have no incentive to remove it. They get well over $6 for the small box here. They probably pay less than $2.


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OTE, don't mean to sound stupid, because I am really trying to educate myself on some of the drugs out now. Is that a cold medicine? ~shrugs~ difficult child can come here and go out to see a "friend" and come back higher than a kite. Yeah, I guess I never shared that since he's been kicked involuntarliy out of foster care, he's been walking the streets and getting high, whether I give him money or not.

My daughter has a celebrity magazine that listed what drugs are passed around at Hollywood drug parties. The hosts puts various drugs on a plate and people pass it around and use what they want. Marijuana, X, cocaine, adderall, and some others like Vicodin and Xanax. Which I don't know those two last ones, gosh I feel so stupid. Seriously!

I know difficult child has tried crystal meth and he said the feeling was euphoric. ~shrugs~

hearthope, unfortunately the drugs are probably on almost every continent in the world. I know where Iam in Canada, in this tiny little community, those big drugs are here as well. Scary as HE$$ is not the only word I would use...

Thanks for sharing,


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I've never heard of Mercury???? Heroin is the one that scares me, but that's probably because it's my sons addiction.


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Karen, I think its a form of probably something we've all heard of, but in a liquid form. I really don't know. I will have to ask difficult child and he will tell me no doubt.

Anyways, take care,


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sadly it sounds like you need to educate yourself & quickly. here's a link i found for you that gives a pretty extensive list:


it doesn't tell you what each drug does, but you can do a search on google by drug name. there was no mercury listed at all but it may be some new hybrid.

by the way, xanax is an anti~anxiety medication & vicodin is a narcotic (pain killer). oxycodone is another hot street commodity.



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Triple C is coricidin. It is an OTC for colds and alergies. Kids are also abusing Sudafed. Around here you can get arrested if you carry large amounts with you and stores have moved it behind the counter and you have to be over 18 to buy it.


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I felt so special the other day when I bought sudafed. I actually found the old fashioned stuff behind the counter at walmart. I had to show ID and be entered into a database so that they could track me around the state so I couldnt buy more that three boxes in 3 months I think. So now I am being watched...not for my narcotics use...but because I bought sudafed!


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They have any over the counter medications with narcotics in them behind the counters here now as well. They are trying to restrict the abuse of these.

Unfortunately, drugs are everywhere. The more affluent the community, the better drugs they have. It's sad.