Workshop for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Feb 8, 2011.

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    B2 just brought home a brocure about a workshop being offered through one of our local universities for parents who have children with special needs. I am thinking about signing up for it, but wondered if any of you had ever attended anything like this before?
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    I've attended various workshops over the years. The first one I did was on IEPs. What an incredible blessing that was. Boo was probably 4, had just transitioned into public schools from the birth-3 center, thank you wasn't yet showing his difficult child side. I still remember when the trainer hit the part about behaviors being part of the disability and I smugly thought to myself, "Oh, I won't *ever* have to worry about *that*." LOL, joke was on me. But it was probably the very best thing I ever did for the older 2 boys.

    I don't think I ever attended one on bipolar kiddos. Have attended a few on cerebral palsy. Can't say the actual seminars were terribly helpful, but our learning curve on CP was pretty fast out of necessity. For me, the best part of seminars is the opportunity to network with other parents. Let's face it, people who are on the same road you are on are far more likely to know about resources and will "get it". It's all fine and good to have an Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) up there telling you to take care of the caregiver, but having a parent recommend a respite provider or know of a funding source that the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) has never heard of is far more helpful. When Boo was really young, I know I was hooked into something.... gosh, I cannot remember for the life of me what the group was, but there was a core of parents who had kids with similar needs (different diagnoses). It was really great to be able to brainstorm with parents who were dealing with similar challenges. A *ton* of problem solving got done that way.

    You never know what you may or may not get out of a seminar, but I think the chances are pretty good that you'll meet some resourceful parents.
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    They are having it as an all day workshop with 4 different breakout sessions (each having 4 choices to choose from) as well as breakfast & lunch. I am seriously considering it... It is very inexpensive to attend and I am interested in some of the choices available. There is one on seneory issues (which B2 has some issues with) as well as one on siblings (boy do I need help in this area with B1 & B2 fighting ALL the time!) and writing IEP's.
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    Sounds interesting. I'm taking a NAMI class right now for parents of children with mental health issues and it's a very good class.
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    If it were me, I would go. I went to several workshops when my difficult children were younger. Like slsh, I found the best part networking with other parents going through similar issues. SFR
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    I'd go. I've been to more than a few ranging over a wide area.

    I like the ones where you get parental feedback on services needed in the area. These, believe it or not, often help parents know what is actually available out there and how to get it for their kids.......sort of sad that so far most of that information has come from the parents and not the professionals. However at these type I've watched professionals making their own lists ect and comparing with parents, which to me is a good thing.

    Travis had an awesome neurologist during his teen years and he'd sent me info for this stuff all the time via email. And he loved to get info from parents about what was and wasn't available in their communities so he could pass it on. This site is still something he refers many patients to......especially those with no support. I told him about it, he lurked for a while, saw how invaluable it can be and passes it on.

    Learning is always a good thing. Some were about things I already had a wide knowledge base on, but I seem to always walk away with something, even if it's just talking to the other people who attend.