Worried about easy child driving to airport and intervention

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    Last night was so agitating, I was going to post but couldn't even type. I'm much better now.

    easy child decided to drive to the all-guy's school near her school and sleep in a friend's dorm. (He's a frosh and very green and she has been very nice to him.) husband talked to her and said there were lots of people there--party time! We had already told her not to stay up all night to catch her 6:30 a.m. flight in Richmond--she was afraid she'd oversleep because she's used to going to bed around 1 a.m.

    We were very, very worried about her driving alone in the dark on no sleep.
    I called and of course, no answer.
    So I called the boy's parents and asked them to text him. Had to get them out of a noisy restaurant/party twice. Sigh.
    Meanwhile, easy child called and said she was going to sleep there after everyone watched a movie. I asked what time the movie would be over and she said "11?" with-a questionmark in her voice. In easy child-time that means 1 a.m.

    I told her that husband and I were very, very worried and that she didn't have much of a plan, and what was wrong with-her dorm anway?
    Her friend and roommate, Sh, was mad at her, and the other roommate, S, the Aspie, was into staring and general weirdness. But then easy child allowed that it would be nice to sleep in her own bed. So she left and called me when she got back to the dorm.
    I just called her (set my cell alarm) and she was already awake (amen!!!) and printing out directions to the airport.
    She's going to call me when she gets to the airport.

    She has travelled to Honduras but it was with-an organized group. This is her first trip totally alone.

    The plan is for the family to meet Sat night to discuss strategy, then do the intervention Sun night at a friend's house.
    It doesn't help that my little sister told me last wk that she couldn't locate difficult child and couldn't get ins. to cooperate.
    I almost cancelled easy child's trip. She's going to be sleep-deprived and has 8 a.m. classes Tues.

    I called my sistser around dinnertime and she said they had located difficult child, her friend from Colo had flown in, and they had put $ down for the intervention and were working out the details for the rest of the money. (She wants to use difficult child's college funds and husband wants to move the funds to their son's college. Sounds like he doesn't want to pay for the intervention ... just another husband who doesn't get it and thinks he can configure the finances up until the last min.)
    I hate not knowing how things are going to work out. First, it was all the hurricane warnings and wondering if we'd get hit (we were lucky and just got skirted) and then it was easy child and her fluff non-plan for partying and no sleep b4 the airport.

    Anyway, I feel better now. I'm going back to bed.
    We're going to the Outer Banks tomorrow (Sat) afternoon, assuming that the power is back on the roads are not flooded. It's been planned for mo's. Sigh.

    Thanks for listening.:bloodshot:
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    Im sure she found the airport. Not that hard from Richmond. Plenty of signs. LOL. I remember when they used to call it Byrd Airport can you believe it? Long time. I used to fly out of there alone at 8 up to Boston.

    Giggles on the party. Where is she at again? I actually attended one semester at VCU and my mom worked at UR and my dad taught a few classes in accounting at UR. That was in the dark ages though. If she is at VCU, gosh I miss that place. I had some good times when I was a teen hanging out around there. Shockoe slip and that area.
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    it sux to worry about them like that, i've been there and i hate it! lol. i hope you enjoy your time on the outter banks. i hope there are some banks there when you get there. alot of our beaches got carried out to sea due to Earl. the one thing he actually did do. besides that not really much rain or anything here.

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    Thank you.

    My bro picked her up at the airport and she called and let me know. Whew.

    We met some friends at the beach, the same friends whose son is at school near easy child (no, it's not VCU. We would have liked that for the art program, but she was too afraid of the inner city life. Not used to it. Maybe when she's older.)
    They were very nice and the mom said she was more than happy to make the contact for us because she would have been fretting, too. The dad said he flat-out wouldn't have let his son go by himself. (That's another story. Their son is so overly-controlled it makes my head spin.)

    The beach was perfect! Yes, some of the dunes were gone, but mostly the beaches were string-thin, and walking on the beach proved problematic, unless you have one leg that is one inch long and another leg that is as long as a stilt! Not good for your back!
    The beaches at Corolla and Duck were good. The beaches at Kitty Hawk were bad.
    Lots of people cancelled their trips due to the hurricane, and that made the traffic wonderful. Enough cars to rid the place of a ghost town look, but few enough cars so that we felt like we could zip around anywhere.

    easy child is now back at school and happy to be there.

    I typed in a note about the intervention on the other board.