Worth seeking an evaluation?


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So...my 3 yr old. Sweet kid...big heart...can turn on a dime and misbehave with a big grin on his face. Mischievous little devil he is. Angel at school however. He's getting speech and Occupational Therapist (OT) at his integrated preschool and they've called me to add in their 4 week Summer Program to his IEP, 2 days a week (they didn't think he'd really need 4 days a week).

So...he's getting interventions at school, he's well behaved there, it's really at home where his behavior is difficult. According to the assessment, depending on how I grade it, he can score on the "suggests mild Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)" range. It's interesting how he still seems to think he can just grab things out of pictures and have them or change them.

Anyway...I was just wondering if you thought *at this point* if it would be worthwhile for our time and money to seek an evaluation for him. I mean, he doesn't need medication and so far the school system is being great providing him with interventions, so I'm not really sure what having a diagnosis would do for us *at this point*. I know with M it was helpful because his behaviors were severely interfering with his life across the board, but C is different and C is already in the school system getting help, whereas M was not.


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The only way I can answer is what I'd do if he were my child. If I was already at 3 seeing signs that suggest a potential problem I'd go for the neuropsychologist evaluation as soon as you can get it.

Why? Because if there are things you're already picking up on there may be many other areas your untrained eye is missing in which he may need help. An the sooner interventions can be put into place the better the results can be.

Plus I know it doesn't seem like it now but school isn't too far off in the distance. It would be better for difficult child if you could have all your ducks in a row by the time kindergarden rolls around. That way You know what you're dealing with and so does the school. It will get difficult child off to a good start.

Now just for me, I'd also have a neurologist evaluation done for my own peace of mind. I'd want to know, if possible, why difficult child is having problems with speech and to make sure no neuro issues were being missed. by the way has he ever had a hearing test?

But I'm a stickler for details. If I have a child showing difficulties in one area or more, I tend to get as much checked out as possible physically, developmentally, and behaviorally. You never know what might be being overlooked..... something could be at present excused as age related until other factors are added in for example..... and I'd kick myself later for missing it.



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Don't know at 3Y how accurate the doctor would claim to diagnose, but I would say if insurance would cover it, a diagnosis is always good to have. It can also serve as a starting basis for later diagnosis. It's good to have it documented by a professional. If it's on your nickel, then I would question how much it would be worth your $$$'s. It's sad that money has to come into it, but if you do eventually get a diagnosis you will need any extra $$ for treatment. Guess I'm just too practical...


Alison, I agree with Lisa. I'd go forward with an evaluation. It's a good idea to document from here on out. It's a good idea to get your ducks in a row for kindergarten. It's a good idea to make sure you're putting every possible intervention into place now. For the kind of professional, I'd recommend locating a developmental pediatrician to evaluate your son.


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I'd look into an evaluation, but when I was looking at neuropsychologist for my son I was told that until age 7, 6 at the earliest, they are not the most reliable form of evaluation. Don't know if that is really accurate. If the school district will do it for you thru pre-school sped services absolutely. If not, and you have a pediatrician in tune with this type of stuff, gather some suggestions there. The more you learn now the better off you and he, will be.
Of course, that is just my opninion!


I agree with RB that a neuropsychologist evaluation might not be that helpful at age 3. But I'd seek out a developmental pediatrician, not a regular pediatrician, for an evaluation. I also know that Yale has expertise in autism evaluations.


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Hi, I'm new here. Found this site while seeking help for my difficult child who will be 16 next month, I will probably be posting questions asking for help with him later. I also have one who will be 3 at the end of August and he was just diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) (not otherwise specified) by our Children's Hospital CDU. It was covered through our insurance. Now, to get him the therapy he needs, I have to apply for state insurance for him (which I already have for the older one) because of his disability. If your child has a disability, in PA you're eligible for the state insurance regardless of income. Maybe you could check for more services through your county or state offices?