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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by 4sumrzn, May 23, 2008.

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    OK...I would SO love to post a picture of difficult child right now. It's around 60'....cloudy & some raindrops on & off. This child has no sense of seasons, temps, anything related at all. She is outside in her Little Tykes blue cozy coupe thingy that she grew out of about 4 years ago. She has shorts on, a winter coat, gloves & flip flops. She scooting around the best she can because her knees are probably bonking her head...she's WAY too big for this thing. We will keep it until she forgets about it though :tongue:. Am I the only one that has a difficult child that wants to wear swimsuits when it's snowing & snowsuits when it's 100' out??? Just curious. I'm sure I'm the only one trying to talk Little Tykes into making a "cozy coupe" for 7-21 year olds though:D.
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Nope. You are not the only one.

    Tink has somewhat of a clue as to what the temperature means, but could not care less. Last time it was 70* she put in a sweater and floor length skirt, and today when it was 45* she tried to wear a sundress and sandals.
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    Definitely not the only one. difficult child used to be worse about this than he now. He mostly wants to wear summer like clothing in the winter. Last summer it was hard at points to get him to wear shorts!
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    I am so glad there is other's like my male difficult child. He just turned 8 and still plays with his jeep that he has had since he was 2, it doesn't work but he is creative in ways that he gets it going, he usually dresses appropiatley, but will dress in shorts tank top and no shoes and be outside in the cold. He also loves to love to put a pillow case on his head and cinch it in the back and pretend it is his long hair,he doesn't put his sisters dresses on much anymore. He not only loves Hannah Montana he wants to be her!!!!! he is odd,adhd, distrutive behaviors and mild mr
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    Ok, I can see it in my mind!!!!

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    No, middle difficult child will do things like to at times too. Also seriously will mismatch clothing. I have to make sure I get her clothes or else who knows what she'd end up wearing to school.

    On the note about the scooter/ride on toys. My oldest at 16 still loves those things but knows she can't possibly ride them.
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    4sum -

    Okay have to say that my visit with Dude today was the first time I've seen him on his own have weather appropriate clothing on and he did it all by himself. He'll be 18 in August.

    He would wear winter clothes in the summer along with summer clothes. Get out of the pool and put on a winter coat. Changed his clothes no less than 5 times a day EVERY day since he was 5 years old. Has NEVER worn gloves except when we went to OH and it literally was -2 - he was riding a bike with 3/4 pants a tshirt and a sweater, gloves and a hat. Snow everywhere.

    NEVER wanted a winter coat in the winter.

    My list goes on and on - but the vision you paint of the flip flopp wearing, coupe de ville? PRICELESS. She should have a tiara and a feather boa.

    Thanks for the snicker.
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    My son is always in "costume" so he'll go out wearing the hood from his winter coat (just the hood not the coat) with shorts and a tee shirt. Today he went outside in sharkfin in hat made out of k'nex.