Yay for me! (Kind of a brag.)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by AnnieO, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. AnnieO

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    I gained 45 lbs when preggers with Rose. I lost 18 the day she was born (LOL), and 12 more in the next 3 months...

    And I've gained 14 back since January. I've scaled back on how much I am snacking, but I am ALWAYS hungry. I tried having Greek yogurt with Grape Nuts for breakfast - I can't do the texture otherwise. Or a whole-wheat bagel with olive oil spread. STILL hungry. My meals aren't big either. Well, when I scaled back and gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks - !!! Alarm bells went off, because...

    I also have trouble walking... Always limping... Feet hurt. I turn sideways when I start down the stairs. Carpal tunnel is back, though not as bad. I've had random whole-head headaches, not sinus or tension. Trouble breathing. Sweating profusely. But the kicker was... I started having chest pains last weekend while camping. They seemed to depend wholly upon my position, and they're more lung-area than heart. No, I'm not retaining fluid.

    But I was frightened by that! I need to be around for Rose. So I toddled off to see my doctor. He's awesome, been going to him for over 25 years. He sees my parents, too. (He has execrable taste in clothing - purple, gold and brown plaid shirt with same-color striped tie - made my eyes hurt.) He told me - after I showed off pictures of Rose - he thought it was likely a thyroid issue.

    That's what I figured, and Mom, and a bunch of friends. So then I had a blood draw. And I will find out tomorrow!

    (I'm bragging because I actually DID something about it.)
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    For the longest time I was having the SAME issues. My Dr. did a million tests. She thought it was thyroid but everything came back ok. Then I started seeing a nutritionist recently. She had me cut out dairy (for the most part - I admit to sneaking some cheese here and there) and holy moly. I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I have actually lost 10 lbs in the last two months which is amazing because for the last two years I've been gaining even when "dieting". I was so bloated in my stomach area that I looked pregnant. (Still do a little but now only 4 months compared to 9++ lol). I am not as sore and achy as I was. My feet don't hurt anymore. My hands don't go numb and tingle anymore. It's so weird. Not saying that's what's going on with you but I wanted to share my experience with you.

    Anyway, good for you for going! I know it's tough but once you figure out what's going on you'll start to feel so much better!
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    Thyroid didnt do that for me but Im not sure I would have noticed considering what I already look like...lol. The thing that convinced me it was thyroid was that all of a sudden my skin turned extremely thin and dry plus my hair was falling out by the handful. Unfortunately taking the thyroid medication hasnt helped with weight loss...lol.
  4. Hound dog

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    Good for you.

    At our age, yes I know you're quite a bit younger than I am, it gets harder to lose weight......or so they tell me. I seem to be having the same problem the other way around.

    BUT when you cut back portions and eat healthier choices and you gain?? You need to be checked. Yup.

    Let us know the test results.
  5. Signorina

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    Good for you...

    When you get the results, make sure they measured your FSH in addition to the TSH. If it's not thyroid it could be hormonal -- which would make sense considering your recent life events... IF treatment-to pregnancy-to breastfeeding-to weaning... Even if you haven't stopped breastfeeding - there is a hormonal shift once baby starts eating food too. (Add potential peri-menopuase?)

    I had the same experience when I went off bcp 2.5 years ago - being a "woman of a certain age" and all. I experience similar symptoms and hormonal swings - and I know that estrogen swings effects my appetite A LOT. Actually, I had many of those symptoms when I was pregnant... ummm????

    Just some thoughts ... and hope you feel better soon.
  6. AnnieO

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    Sig - perimenopause is a possibility, though most of the women in my family hit menopause quite late - Grandma in her 60s, Mom too... And no, I'm not pregnant again. That would require an Act of God or another round of IVF... And I'm neither the Virgin Mary nor rich...