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I posted over in SA about Belle.

Pat is doing online school this year and, aside from a tendency to rush through things, is doing pretty well. He's volunteering at the haunted trail again (loves it - and it meets my qualifications of no screen, interaction with real people, and physical activity), helping out around the house and mostly being the easy child kid.

Belle is still in prison, of course.

husband is working for a company that has him all over the USA. Gone all week, home most weekends. Nearly 3 months now - he loves it (itchy feet), I love it (he's working and more relaxed)... Pat is okay with it. Rose misses Daddy and gets very excited when he comes home.

Rose is 23 months old now, fully into the Terrible Twos. Growing like a little weed, cute as she can be, and scary smart. Toilet training herself. Determined to scare away "mon'ters"... Unless they're scaring her! Absolutely adores Sofia the First, doctor McStuffins, Tinkerbell, and Dora the Explorer. And shoes and fire trucks. Talks up a storm. Very opinionated (like her parents). Oh, and as of last weekend, in a toddler bed!

Me... well, our contractor lost their bid at work but I was picked up by the new one... Not much has changed. Started Weight Watchers a week ago because I went over 200 lbs. (When I met everyone in Cleveland in 2009, I weighed 125.) Goal is 140. Up two, down 3 so net loss is 1 lb in 1 week. I can do that... I think. 60 lbs by next summer... 2 lbs a week. Even allowing for a few pounds' gain over the holidays, I should hit my goal by the end of May.

husband has cut off contact with both his parents at this point and, after an interaction where I tried to get Rose to say goodnight to father in law when we left and he got nasty about it... I have too. Rose calls her sitter "Gwama Deedee" so it's all good.

My Mom's BFF is still hanging in there... She's pretty much a prisoner of her own body now though. ALS is horrible.

My paternal Grandma had a scare last week but is back to her normal self, and will turn 92 on Thursday. 93-y/o Grandpa is still with her and it's pretty clear how much they love one another.

I think that's it... LOL!


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Thank you for the update.
Amazing grandparents! That is so cool. I'm impressed.
So glad that Rose is doing well. Scary smart, heh heh. :)
So sorry about your mom's friend. I hate ALS. It is a horrible disease.
Glad you have a new contract to replace the old one. All in a day's work!
Seems like your toughest battle at the moment is your weight loss. I have a friend who is going through this. He is at over 300. One year, he lost 100 lbs and then he gained it back. He loves to walk but he has bad knees. One thing he has done lately is give up restaurant food and eat at home. That really helps.
Lots of good recipes online here. I hope you like to cook. It makes a huge difference when you decide and know what's in your food.
Wish I had met you in Cleveland. :)


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Thanks for the update. I will be starting back on weight watchers myself after going off of it during the summer. Lucky for me I didn't gain any weight but I didn't lose any either. I could kick myself! Anyway, maybe we can be each other's supporters!


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Hey girl, I have missed you and your posts. So tickled about Rose. Scary smart huh? Kenzie is like that. Must be the fact they were born within days of each other...lol. However her favorite show is Peppa Pig or however you spell it. Im not a cartoon gal and only hear her talking about it. Its crazy how fast they grow up. I swear it was just yesterday Monkey was born and now she is in 3rd grade!

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How cool Rose is in a toddler bed already! I hope ww works well for you! It did for me and for the most part I've kept off the weight for about 18 years now (although of the 70 lost 20 have recently found their way back-ugh so I am back to tracking again).


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Rose took a header last night off her changing table onto the hardwood floor... She's fine, and Pat was very helpful with a cool washcloth and ice for her bloody lip. I love my kids.