You are not gonna believe it...MsManipulator is,,,

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DammitJanet, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I get home from your place to find Cory laying on the couch laughing his :censored2: off talking to someone on the phone. Seems he got ahold of someone who knows Lindsey and they told him that Linsdey was married and gave him her husbands name and phone number! This guy is a soldier on Ft Bragg and they have been married since before August so they could live in base housing. Im sure they are reporting that the kids live there too so that they have a bigger house. Im fairly sure I could find

    What a piece of work she is to come here the other night and do what she did throwing herself at Cory, claiming she was all in love with him and wanted to get back with him and all if he would only drop Mandy. She even involved the kids in that scam. What a manipulative :censored2:. The whole damn while she is MARRIED!!!! Then she sneaks back here in the middle of the night to "catch him" being with Mandy. When the whole time she has no room to talk considering she is so not available!

    Whats really bad is she is continuing to come up to Robeson to access county services for the kids under her name when she doesnt have them living with her. They live with her mom mostly and Keyana lives probably 4 days with her maternal grandma and 3 days with us per week. Personally I cant see why any of us are paying daycare for that child since I am not working, Cory isnt working and if at some point we did need daycare, I could qualify for it as a disabled adult caring for a toddler. Lindsey wants Cory to pay half the daycare bill per month...HA! Not again honey.

    He isnt required by the state to pay one red cent in child support. We do what we do because we are good people. One thing she needs to realize is that I can set wheels in motion about turning off her county goodies mighty darn fast and she will never know how it happened. I still have friends in low places.

    I can be vindictive.
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    Well, she takes the prize for being the biggest piece of work (I'm being soooo nice here).

    Did I miss a post? I thought Cory had a job that he really liked.

    If she is married to a military guy, now would be the time for Cory to get visitation in writing and filed through the court. You don't want her to disappear with Keyana across the globe somewhere and then that's that.
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    Janet, I swear to goodness, I just keep reading about them and going "Huh?"


    She's standing in your living room trying to get him back while she's married to someone else so she can live on base?

    It makes my head hurt! :ill:
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    You might want to consider typing up the Cory/Ms Manipulator saga and sending it to one of the soaps. It'd make a great story line for them.

    The nerve.

    I agree. You might want to start talking to Cory about protecting his rights considering Keyana. Ms Manipulator can wisk her away to God knows where as it stands now.

    You know, I'm awful...... But I think I'd be making those phone calls. :devil:

    I think maybe you and husband are due for another weekend trip alone.

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    that is crazy! She is definately a low life.

    I thought Cory had a job? Did he quit? Why he's not required to pay child support? Has Lindsey not filed for it?

    If she is married to a soilder, wouldn't her children qualify for services? Or would they only qual if they were her husband's kids or he adopted them?

    Sorry there is still so much drama going on. Shame you are stuck with her - but she's little Keyana's mom so I guess she'll be around a while!

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    What a piece of work she is! One would think now at least Cory should feel no obligation to remain "faithful" to her, and free to have a real girlfriend. From what I understand, she really gets around anyway-without being married. Also she knows how to work "the system", and everyone around her, to get what she wants all the time, no remorse or compassion anywhere. Cory is a game to her. She sees he is happy, and wants to put a stop to that. Once she's succesful at that, then she'll be free to move on- leaving a mess in her wake. Too bad you have to be nice to her!! I don't think I would let on you know all this, because it will benefit Keyanna in some way. Plus she seems like a the drop of a hat she could just screw you over, knowing how much you love Keyanna, and not let you see her.-Alyssa
  7. Big Bad Kitty

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    For the love of Benji.
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    :smile: Holy Moses! The queen of manipulation AND deception. Bet Mandy feels better now- :wink:

    I agree with the others that it is past the time to get things in writing and legal about baby's visitation, etc.

    Like you, I would be VERY hard pressed not to make those phone calls. Ugh - :grrr:
  9. KFld

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    All I have to say is CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    This is probably just about as much of a relief to you as it was when I found out wingnuts baby wasn't difficult child's and he moved on!!!

    Hopefully now Cory will really move on.
  10. Fran

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    Janet, forgive me ahead of time but I hate people who take advantage of the government system of welfare. Turn her in. She has no right to money that doesn't belong to her.
    It is tax payer's money and if she qualifies- so be it but if she is skimming to avoid working or to take advantage then she should be turned in. It's theft and it's illegal.
    It makes me sick.
  11. Suz

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    I'm confused. I can't keep up with this story line. :9-07tears:

    With the writers on strike in Hollywood, now is the time to be a scab and cross the picket line. This is right out of Desperate Housewives!

  12. Steely

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    NSANITY!!!! :slap:

    Perhaps you could suggest that Cory, Lindsey, and Lindsey's hubby, should all work it out on the Jerry Springer Show! :wink:

    What happened to Mandy in all of this, did she find a place to stay? Maybe she could have Lindsey's illegal govt goodies, since she actually does live in the county?!! Sigh................... :frown:
  13. Hound dog

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    I just thought of something. Is there any chance that because she and new hubby are letting the military believe she has the kids to get base housing, she's getting benefits there from the state too for them? Double dipping is much harder to do these days, but I wouldn't put it past her.

  14. goldenguru

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    I'm a little confused ... (par for the course).

    Is there a chance that this baby isn't even Corys' baby? Why isn't Cory required to pay child support? Does her hubby think that the baby is his?

    OMG - this is way confusing for me.
  15. Ally

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    Nothing surprises me these days. There are some very messed up, manipulative people out there.
  16. ScentofCedar

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    Me, too!

  17. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I think it would be best to "start" those wheels in motion so she isn't getting government services = if there is a reward for turning her pathetic hiney in - I'd take that too.

    As far as her husband - could this be ANOTHER manipulation on HER part to make her more desirable to Cory? I don't trust her - I would not confront her or the supposed husband. Something doesn't smell right. And it' AINT Keyannas diaper.
  18. DammitJanet

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    I can answer a few questions.

    Cory doesnt have to pay child support legally because he gets SSI and the state says that if you get that then the custodial parent cannot get a child support order against a person on SSI. Now if he was on SSDI then Keyana would get a Social Security check for herself based on his own case but alas, that is not the case.

    As far as is Keyana his biological child, well, we are pretty sure she is. He has not taken a paternity test and refuses to do so. Supposedly mother took one with the "only" other possible father (HA!) and that guy was ruled out so Cory is satisfied. Keyana in looks really looks like her grandfather and people comment all the time about how much she looks like him. Even Jamies baby and Keyana favor each other. So we are pretty sure they are related. We may never be sure but at this point we dont care. Cory is her putative father and that is all that matters.
  19. flutterbee

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    Biological father or not, if there are no signed and filed papers Keyana's mom can take off with her whenever she wants and Cory has no recourse. Custody and visitation need to be spelled out and filed with the court to protect Cory's (and, subsequently, yours) interests.
  20. DammitJanet

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    True Heather...but so could Cory actually. Since there is no actual custody established, both parents have "assumed" custody and in that case its really a rush to the court house for a temp custody hearing. Considering the maternal grandmother actually keeps the baby most of the time and the mom doesnt, I dont think its a worry. I really think mom will end up pregnant again soon and the older two kids...keyana and her older brother...will be long forgotten again.