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ok here it goes.i had my tubes cut tied burned everything.and have not gotten my friend this month.the last time i had it was the beginning of today in the store i decided to get a test.i was at my moms house and went to the bathroom and took the test waited a minet and the kids started to act up,so i hurryed and put it back in the box and put the box in my pocket book and took care of the kids and forgot about the test.{iv been forgetten alot of things latley}so when i got home this evening i was cleaning out the pocket book and looked at the test it said i was pregnant. :smile:im shocked and scared.i would love to have another baby.but what if there is somrthing wrong.has this ever happened to anyone or some one they know.god i need some advice.

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First of all don't panic yet. Those tests are meant to be read right away, not saved and read later. That affects the accuracy of the test and can give you false results. (ain't you glad I just learned all about these tests in school?)

I'd take another one before letting myself panic. And make sure you will be able to read it right away.

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I hate to say it, but this doesn't mean much. It makes it tons harder to become pregnant, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll never get pregnant. Just ask my sis, 2 friends, and my cousin, oh and my neice. Depends on lots of things. Your body's ablity to heal, the way the doctor did the procedure....

husband had a vasectomy after T was born. He was also cut, tied, and burned. And as you see, I have N who was born 3 yrs later. It happens. And according to my OB and others I've talked with it happens far more than people realize for both the male and female procedures.

If you get another positive I'd get to the doctor asap.

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I agree not to panic yet but I would take another test.

I have heard that the effectiveness of the tubal goes down the longer the time since you had it done. That scared the bejeebers out of me!

I also had my tubes tied back when my youngest was born. I was told they cut them, tied them and burned them. I wanted to make sure I had zip chance of having anymore kids. Well years later I went to get some xrays of my lower abdomen and the doctor came out and asked me if I had anything in the pockets on my pants. I said no...I was wearing these soft knit pants. He said are you sure? I said yes. He asked me if I ever had any sort of surgery. At first I said no but then I said well the only thing I ever had done was my tubal. He said oh well that explains it...we are seeing the clips! I was like...oh I shouldnt have clips...they tied and burned them and cut them. He said oh know...your tubes are intact and just clipped!

I was outraged. They told me I was cut, tied and burned. Clips are much easier to have something slip through.

In my mid thirties I started having trouble with my periods such as missing periods and then having heavy ones. I missed one completely and was panicked that I was pregnant. I bought a pregnancy test and took it and was never so thankful when it came back negative. A few years later I ended up with a hysterectomy thank god. LOL.


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I had my tubes clipped after difficult child 3. Then a few years later I got a letter telling me that in the month or so that I was getting 'clipped', they had a problem with their clip thingie and a lot of failures have resulted. I was supposed to go back to the hospital to have tests to see if the clips were doing their job with me.
I was really upset, the test they wanted would have been nasty so I refused. My GP looked at some recent X-rays and said that they showed the clips were in the right place; if they had fallen off the clips would be down near the lower part of my pelvis, and they weren't.

Sometimes things fail. And I HAVE heard of cases where a woman's tubes were tied but she already had an embryo working its way down the intact part of the tube to her uterus, to implant. The pregnancy may have a higher likelihood of miscarrying in the few weeks after surgery, but after that it is as stable as any other pregnancy. Only if they took your ovaries out, would you miscarry automatically without medical intervention.

There is also a faint chance you have become pregnant since the tubal ligation, but from the dates you mention it sounds like you were already pregnant (a week or two, maybe) when you had the ligation.

I also remember a woman in New Zealand who had a hysterectomy - they removed the entire uterus, but left the ovaries, because it makes menopause easier to deal with - and at the time of surgery, she had a fertilized egg in her tubes. The egg fell out into the abdominal vault and implanted in the rich blood supply on the outside of her intestine. It took them a while to realise she was pregnant, but hormonally the ovaries kept the pregnancy viable until the uterus took over at 14 weeks. She was very much at risk and spent most of the second half of her pregnancy in hospital being monitored, but she had the baby OK. She had to have a caesarean, of course, and they also had to take some of her intestine because the placenta was not going to come away without it, but eventually she was fine. The baby was perfect.
I think it was something unusual like that used for the plot in "Junior" where Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant.

Basically - if you ARE pregnant, there's no reason for there to be more of a problem, but get to your doctor ASAP if you get another positive on the home kit. The time delay could have given you a false positive, too.

husband's cat, when he was a kid, had a tubal ligation soon after weaning a litter of kittens. But it was too late - she was already pregnant, although that surprise one was her last pregnancy.



Needabreak, have you retested?? What are the results? Yes, leaving the test unattended and checking later will affect the results-- many false positives. Hope you've gotten another test and have the results you want!
I agree with the others who said that you should take another test. Check the results right away. Then if it is still positive, make an appointment to see your doctor. WFEN