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<span style="color: #3333FF">I have a 15 year old son who is diagnosed as having Pediatric Bipolar Disorder. This occurred at the age of 7 when he was inadvertently placed on Prozac while at ***** Hospital. Within 48 hours he was homicidal, suicidal and psychotic. For years we struggled with what happened and how to treat it. We struggled with the schools for an IEP and Special Education. We struggled with stabilizing him.

I was a homeowner in **** for 11 years. After my son became ill I decided to give up my home and career (I am an LPN-C) to stay at home with him to give him the best quality of life I could instead of placing him in an institution. We moved into Public Housing in ******. My son got SSI. The entire family sacrificed for his benefit.

May 5, 05 after my son had been manic for two weeks, sleeping only a few hours a night, he was falling asleep at school. He eventually told the school I had given him a purple sleeping pill. When I picked him up that day I was arrested. My home was searched and Dylan was removed from my custody. We were no contact for six months. After one week of the arrest my name was placed on the Central Abuse Registry before I ever saw a Judge rendering my nursing licenses obsolete. 11-5=05 Dylan returned to my home. He is with me every weekend, holiday and all summer.

January 4,06 the Juvenile charges were dropped. March 26,06 the Criminal Charges were dropped. I wrote and requested that my name be removed from the Central Abuse Registry and that was denied. I do not understand how when two Judges drop my charges without prejudice that the Central Abuse Registry can convict me. I have been a nurse since 1980. I feel I have the right to provide for my family with my career but I am no longer employable due to this Registry.

PLEASE write your Congressmen and Senator's and demand that this Registry be changed to contain ONLY convicted abusers. States run these registries but the Federal Govt needs to ensure that only convicted persons are on them. :sad:
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Find your Senator here:
Find your Congressman here:</span> <span style="color: #3333FF"> </span>
I have contacted 20/20, 60 Minutes, Oprah, Montel, and everyone locally. Most folks wont touch this with a 10 foot pole. :grrr:

Thank you for your time and have a great day!




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I am so sorry you are suffering , hon! :flower:

The reason they can keep you on the registry is because the cases were dropped without prejudice. They have the right to re-charge you with the <u>same</u> charges if they need/want to.

If the charges had been dropped with prejudice, double indemnity would come into play and they could not re-charge you with the same charges.

Many hugs and prayer for you and your family!



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Thank you so much.

It has been two years. They had nothing to convict me on. They took the poor child to a crime lab and drew multiple vials of blood from him and nothing was improper. They searched my house for hours and found no sleeping pills.

My only hope is to change the laws that govern the registries.

God Bless!

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I'm so sorry your going thru this. It's not fair. I understand what Cindi is saying, but still it isn't fair.

My brother was convicted for molestation 20 some years back. He is required to always been in the state registry where ever he lives. He hasn't been registered for the past 10 yrs. I've contacted the state. They tell me there is nothing they can do. HUH??

These things need to be regulated better than they are. But most people are afraid to speak up unless it personally affects their lives because they fear the public will attack them for it.

I'll contact mine. It doesn't hurt to try.



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God Bless you Hun!!

people by the numbers calling Senators and congressmen, or e-mailing, is the only hope.

I have contacted my local ACLU and am praying they will help but political pressure during election seasons doesnt hurt.

Thank you so much!!


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I TOTALLY agree it isn't fair that someone in your position is still on the registry! :crying:

What is the matter with giving your child a sleeping pill or something similar if they are having trouble sleeping and it is starting to effect their normal daily functioning? :hammer:

Isn't that what we, as caring parents, are supposed to do? Take care of our kids, especially those with special needs. I hope it gets resolved soon, you will be in my prayers! :angel:


Not sure how long you have been a member here, so not sure if you are familiar with our family's nightmare with CPS several years ago.

I won't go into the whole thing but we were wrongfully accused of "overmedicating" our difficult child, SW's counted tablets left in bottles and all were accounted for! ERRRR!!!

Anyways, we lost our foster care license, a 4 month old we were going to adopt and J, who's adoption was nearly complete. Thank the good Lord above that we got difficult child and J back, but not a day goes by that I don't mourn the lose of the baby.

It took endless letters (sent registered mail) to everyone we could think of, countless phone calls, emails by the truck load, but we finally got ourselved cleared of the allegations.

We just last week were licensed by a different foster care agency so I can finally go back to doing my job.

All I can say is "DON'T GIVE UP"!!!! Be that squeaky wheel, contact everyone, you deserve to be able to do your job. If that doesn't work, I would contact a lawyer!

Many hugs and prayers to you,


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Cyndi, I know what you mean but I did not give this kid anything! :grrr: He had been manic and had not slept for weeks. The school had been more than educated about this but I had battled the school long to help Dylan. I won. And this was their touche.

I am so sorry!
So sorry about the baby.
So sorry about the drama.

But you are an inspiration to me!!
The ACLU turned me down today. They say they KNOW it is a problem but they have lost 2 times trying to change the law. They said to contact Senators, which is what I am pleading on here.
God bless you for being the squeaky wheel!! Thank God you got cleared and got another license!
I have been here since 99 but touch and go for a few years.

God bless you all!

Being as new as I am, I never heard that story. How traumatic. Hugs to you.

Andrea, I really have no advice, but I am fightin mad right along side you. Just know I am keeping you in my prayers. Hugs to you as well.


I will absolutely contact my senators. Things like this make my blood boil. :grrr:

Hugs to you. You've sacrificed more than your share.


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God Bless You Kitty and Heather and everyone here. I added links to the original post to ease finding your Senators and Congressman. Most of them have e-mail forms.

Thank you all!!

You can count on me to contact my "officials" in my state about your situation. It just stinks!!

Many hugs,

P.S. Thank you for your kind words.
Andrea, I'm on board too. I've had a few things that I have wanted to contact my senator and congressman about but have been putting it off. It will get done today.



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If I lived in the US there would be letters winging their way now. But this is one thing that I'm powerless to help with.

I wish you every success with this - it definitely is injustice. That register should not list people who have not been found guilty, or against whom there is not a charge in any way. Even dismissing it without prejudice - that should mean your name gets dropped from the register. If ever the charge is picked up again, THEN they can put your name back on the register, but not before.

And even then - surely, putting your name on the register just because you've been charged - isn't that guilty until proven innocent?

Doesn't that go against the US Constitution? Can you use that?

Good luck with this.



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God Bless You Stella!!

Amen Marg!!
There really isnt any reason you can't write somebody here to express your outrage for the way the US treats it's citizens tho :wink:

One thing I want to warn you all about is that your Senators will tell you this is not a Federal issue~~assure them that it is. The States have been left to their own devices and destroyed many lives with the Registries. That a Federal Mandate is needed to ensure that only CONVICTED abusers be on these registries. Guidelines if you will.

You can copy and paste anything I have written to use in your letters to ease your time.

Thank you all so much for your help and support!!

Have a GREAT week-end ~ My difficult child is manic as his dad has taken him off his risperdal so I am sure we will be fishing all weekend, but I will check in~ the river is 1 block from my home.

I love you guys!!
thank you
thank you
thank you!!
Andrea [/color]


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I got a letter from the Governor of Iowa today wanting to help me but it is the state of Nebraska that did this to me and none of the Senators, congressman or governor there will even answer me!!
So I guess some states are better than others.

Local TV refused, sent me to a private attorney.

The attorney general referred me to the central abuse registry.



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You probably already know your state's policy.

You might also see if there's a local agency that will assist you, or maybe ACLU?

Good luck