zoloft has made me more depressed

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  1. Jena

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    so i went on zOloft about a mos. ago it has lowered my anxiety incredibly yet let's just say i have not one positive thought in my head as of late.

    i am depressed beyond belief can't even get up in the a.m. it's a struggle wehn i do. i have had moments where i actually dont' feel comfortable at all being alone or my skins crawling being with me shall we say.

    have had tons of negative thoughts. i'd take being stressed and anxious anyday over this. i'm giong to cal dr. today yet i'm on 25 mg. i need to get off of it as soon as possible. it's scaring me. i told boyfriend about it not in detail but just said ok alot of negative thoughts are going on bigtime.

    so i know he's going to tell me to wean myself off but i'm telling you i'm not good. at all. very shakey emotionally. before i'd get upset and work through it now it's like i can't even do that it's just a constant state and t's overwhelming to say the least.

    anyone else ever have this negative experience? what did you do? i heard going cold turkey on this particular medication can give you massive side effects. yet i gotta get out of where i am. wanted to go to office today haven't been there since last week one day i can't even begin to imagine getting on a train. yet i'm afraid to be home alone. weird right? this has never been me.

    figured i go on an antidepressant and it does this to me.
  2. Nomad

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    Along time ago, I went on this...can't recall the results. I switch to Prozac and was very pleased...but it made my headaches worse.
    Have you called the Dr. yet? More than likely a simple switch is in order. How are you sleeping? If you aren't sleeping well, try all the natural stuff for that...melatonin...warm milk at night. Are you going to a therapist? I go to one every two to three weeks, and when I'm having stress I see her more often. If at all possible...get in a little exercise...a walk in the morning sun is particulalry helpful with depression. #1...call the Dr.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Jena

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    i put a call in. i'm going to cut it down tonight myself to half of the 25mg. i've heard the withdrawal from this medication is herendous so im' nervous. it's hard to explain and im sleeping fine i always do thank goodness unless difficult child is up. it's sort of like i wake up very displaced not knowing where i am intitaly and kinda filled with dread cna't find one positive thing at all to think about.

    even when i was depressed i always was able to find at least one thingto be positive about or look forward to. and the headaches with this are so bad.

    and yes i go to therapy weekly. yet she didn't write script she had my md write it at her request. i'm just wondering how to taper off. this is soo not happening for me. i couldn't even get on train today. it takes me about 3 hours to get stable in am. the bad thoguhtgs are just flooding my head. then about 3 hours later i feel ok like i'm a little of me again.

    make sense? i looked it up and it did note taht this sort of thing can occur.
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    sorry that I can't offer you any advice on the medications. No experience there other than the really long taper we did with difficult child. Took him four months to get off 25 mg of remeron.

    Hope you find some answers, sorry you are suffering so. Hugs.

  5. Jena

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    hi sharon,

    thanks. like i said the 3 hours and then i'm stable but those first 3 hours i just keep to me in the house after i drop off kids at school it's like this is going to sound odd i can't trust me out there.

    like nw i've gone through my day cooked dinner did hw checks baths, i'm fine. wasn't like this in the a.m. very strange. really should of just hit gym and never popped a pill. it's horrible to be filled with dread like that. wow i wonder if that's what our difficult child's go through when they say their depressed. poor little things.

    i'm sorry to hear it took four mos. to wean him off. drugs are bad news...

  6. Loving Abbey 2

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    I haven't been on Zoloft but I have been on lots of other antidepressants and I have always had to taper off. So taper off as slow as you can. I know that Wellburtin can be good for anxiety and depression. I know that doctor's like to try a couple of anti-depressants before moving on to other types. but if you keep having these types of reactions than a mood stablizer may be in order. After being on many anti-depressants and a few combos, for me the real relief was Lamictal. I've never been manic or anything and my doctor calls it treatment resistant depression. Sometimes a really hot bath can help me settle down internally.

    Good luck, hang in there
  7. Jena

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    i spoke to a few people tonight that said that they too experienced some dissassociation with it along with some suicidial thoughts yet once the medication reaches it's theraputic level these things taper off that is if you don't kill yourslef in the interim lol

    k bad joke there. so i'm not sure what i'm going to do. i'd love to be happy soon.

    thanks for the input
  8. Marguerite

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    Jen, talk to your doctor FAST about how to taper off. I've heard other people say that they had similar problems with Zoloft. You haven't been on it long, you mightn't need as long to taper off as other have had, but don't make that assumption, talk to the doctor and get his recommendation.

    Not everybody has this reaction to Zoloft (difficult child 1 is fine with it), and you could be perfectly OK on other antidepressants.

    It's just one of those things.

    But don't discount those bad feelings and bad thoughts - get help now.

  9. Jena

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    i called doctor the nurse is soo soo stupid. she said 25 mg shouldnt' be doing that to you maybe it's just you. i said ummm nope it's not me believe me. she said well that's nothing as far as dosage is concerned. it's amazing the bedside manner these days of our healthcare professionals, isn't it? so their going to get back to me as far as how to taper off.

    i said let's put it this way i've been eyeing up some roofs as of late and that's just not me. never done that before so clearly it's this wonderful medication i'm on.

    unreal. lol it's kinda funny in a sick and twisted way only do i go on an antidepressant that makes me wanna drive my truck into a wall. :)

    thanks Marg
  10. Jena

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    ok they said 25 mg. everyother day for a week and then just stop it. i said i shouldn't go down to 12 half of the 25? she said no i'Tourette's Syndrome nothing what your on. i said look i have enough going on right now i do not need to have any type of side effects of withdrawal. are you sure i wont be throwing off my system by doing this this way? once again she madei t like i was major drama queen and hence said nope what your on is nothing.

    so how does that sound? i'm thinking dropping it to every other day for week then every other day for week of 12 then stopping. it's funny my gut told me the day i was going to take it not to but i didn't listen to me i keep doing that not going with my gut lately when i know regardless of hte ongoing stress i'm under i'm usually right. maybe it's time to start trusting me again.
  11. Marguerite

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    You've not been on it for long enough to build up that much of a problem with it, in terms of withdrawal risk. Try her way, but if you feel it's too fast then go back up to the half you were thinking of. But you should be OK. Just keep telling yourself with this depression, "It's the pills, it will ease off when I can finally stop them, it won't be long now and I'll be out of these dark woods and back in the light again."

  12. Big Bad Kitty

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    I know that you are scared, but 25 truly is a very low dose. I take 200 per day. The effects usually don't show up for 4-6 weeks when taking this, so weaning off by taking the 25 every other day is appropriate, especially after only having been on it for a month.

    However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going every other day 25 for a week, then every other day 12 for a week. That would not hurt at all, and if it made YOU feel better, then do it.

    Yeah, the bedside manner is atrocious anymore. So many doctors go by what they read in a textbook and completely discount what a patient is telling them. When I was in the hospital last year with breathing trouble, the cocky attending physician argued with me about being allergic to steroids. He told me that it was not possible. So there I am, sick in bed, can't breathe, on oxygen, fighting with this jerk. Finally I say fine, give me the frickin Medrol.

    Two hours lather the nurse paged him, and he came to my room to find me on the toilet, with a bucket in my hands, getting sick out of both ends at the same time. I said "thanks a lot, ya jerk, NOW do you believe me?"

    Hang in there. AD's are hit and miss. What works for me might not work for you. Prozac made me want to crawl out of my skin, but Zoloft works beautifully for me. Everyone is different, though. Something about the things in your brain (LOL I should know this...)
  13. Nomad

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    I take a low dose trycyclic (sp?) medication like Elavil and that helps my migraines a little and also helps a little with depression. Higher dosages of this medication helps a lot with depression. However, they can have annoying side effects.
  14. Jena

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    thanks for the input. i started the weaning process that day so i'Tourette's Syndrome been one day on one day off. everything is truly grey right now. i have never ever been so depressed in my life. i haven't gone to work for 2 weeks only 1 day. granted i quit and gave notice but i'm on till the 15th.

    the only thing that gives me pleasure is being with my kids, that's it. thank goodness for them. that is when their not fighting.

    as for me no motivation to do anything at all. t said i'm in deep depression which she said is common for complex ptsd. i said yea but it's def. aggrivated now i wasn't like this before i still found pleasure. i may have fleeting happy moments but that's all they are are moments, not days or mos. or even a week.

    its like nothing i have ever experienced before. such hopelessness over just about everything.