1. L

    Metadate CD/Ritalin

    We started "A" on Metadate CD 10 mg Sunday and the only thing that I have noticed is that we have had times of hysterical outbursts. He had three such outbursts on Sunday--none of which were related to anger or frustration that I could tell. They were all related to more sadness or...
  2. totoro

    Lamictal ? Since No doctor will call back!!! UPDATE!!

    OK, week 3 of no-one returning a call!!! So nice. Anyway, K is up to 37.5mg of Lamictal once a day in the a.m. she is also taking 2.5mg Abilify bid. She has been severely depressed, more than ever before, sitting in the a.m. and just staring out the window, "no-one likes me", "I am the worst...
  3. M

    Took ds off Concerta....any thoughts?

    This weekend I took ds off Concerta. Other than some increase in hyperactivity and impulsivity, we don't notice a drastic difference. My reason for taking him off was to see if it would minimize his anger/agression. Anyone in a similar situation????
  4. tinamarie1

    ADHD patch?

    I just saw an ad in a magazine for that and wondered if anyone has used it or is using it? If so, what are the good/ bad sides to it? Tina
  5. gcvmom

    Failed medications, starting from scratch...

    difficult child 2 had a really rough year in 4th grade -- thank goodness it's finished. He is lucky to be blessed with a lot of smarts -- his grades were great but his behavior marks were AWFUL. His ADHD medications and mood medications have not worked, so we have stopped everything and will start from scratch next...
  6. E

    peer problems helped by medications?

    I'm not really sure what to do. I had planned to take Seb off the Daytrana for the summer. Why? because I *thought* that without the pressure of having to perform academically, he'd do better to eat and sleep well (and the medication interferes with both his appetite and sleep). This seemed...
  7. S

    Experience with Zoloft?

    Well, this is day 3 of weaning my grandson off Zoloft. He has been taking it for about 9 months now, but was raised to 200 mg in March when he was hospitalized. Behavior went down the poop shoot from then on. Finally, last week, doctor decided to take him off zoloft. We have weaned him to...
  8. gcvmom

    More medication tweaking... what's your take on this?

    So the psychiatrist decided we should try to take difficult child 2 off Lamictal because the neuro thought maybe with adding the Risperdal last month he wouldn't need it since he is also on Depakote ER. The Risperdal was reintroduced to address the shakiness from difficult child's Sydenham's chorea (atypical antipsychotics and...
  9. I

    What do i do?

    I have a 5 yr old who was diagnosed last year with ADHD. He also has CP. This past year he has been on several, about 5, medications. And he is currently on Clonidine. He takes 3 pills a day, .1mg. Today, he seen a new doctor, who basically, I felt attacked me. He went on and on about the...
  10. Shari

    Next up: Strattera

    I'll be picking it up this afternoon, we'll possibly try it this weekend.
  11. P

    New Medication choices

    I am new to this forum, but not new to parenting a difficult child. My son's dad and I began getting help for him when he was 2 and he is now 13. He has had the priviledge of receiving some of the best care in the state of Arizona, which came at a heavy cost to us as we did not have insurance...
  12. gizbywife

    Where to Begin? <---LONG - Sorry

    Hi. I am going through the roof with my difficult child's situation. He's 13 and we don't know what to do or where to go next. He is currently in an alternative education (partial) program offered by an area school district where he is doing "all right" but still having bouts of depression, lying...
  13. Janna

    So Tell Me About The Uncommon medications

    that may be working for your kid. What do you do when you've tried them all? Dylan's hyperactivity and impulsivity are skyrocketing. We had him 6 full days over the holiday, and every person that came in contact with him said he seemed "10x worse", "ready to jump out of his skin", "couldn't...
  14. G

    Don't know what to do

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. Our 13 year old son has been out of control for about 3 years. We have him on medication, in therapy, and have sent him for inpatient treatment once. We are currently trying to have him placed in a residential treatment facility. Nothing seems to help. He...
  15. A

    She's 6 and I think a sociopath

    Please if anyone has any advice... I'm talking about a family member, she's 6 yrs old. We adopted her and her 3 siblings because the state took parental rights from her mother. All of the kids have problems- add and adhd was the first we were told, followed by fetal alcohol sydrome. They're all...
  16. W

    Just want 2 dr's to agree.

    neuropsychologist says my 7yr has had Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on left side of his brain. psychiatric. says he has AS. Pediat. says it's ODD. He had a brain MRI last week and showed nothing...SO Now what do we do?
  17. M


    Hello everyone, I am new here to this place. I have never been apart of a support group but this place seems like a great place to share stories and offer advice. I don't know exactly where to begin so I'll start with introducing myself as MyHrt (MyHrt) stands for MyHeart which is my son because...
  18. G

    can someone offer help-new info

    NEW INFO AT BOTTOM I am a single mother of 3 children with special needs 2 have adhd, and 1 has adhd with ODD and Conduct disoder his odd is fading but the conduct disorder is becoming more and more disruptive. I am supposed to be trying to get work and dealing with him is there any other...
  19. L

    new here and in real need of support

    My daughter is 15 and we've been dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ODD, and ADHD for years. Recently she's been demonstrating some conduct disorders behaviors. I'm really feeling hopeless and at my wits ends. My daughters therapist suggested I find a support forum to reach out to. I hopin' finding some...
  20. R

    Formerlly perfect child is now depressed and possibly ADD

    So - my easy child is currently taking a generic version of Zoloft for diagnosed depression... It's been less than 2 weeks so I can't say we've seen any results but the psychiatric thinks she also has ADD... the symptom checkers online do match up but we have not experience with this and I'm wondering...